Zyxalarian Ball Update

My Woozen friends,

The better I get to know everyone, the more I am impressed by how stylish and sociable the Woozens are!

This month, you have been kind to each other and organized many exciting events for your community.

However, I believe that the "Punisher" matter could have been handled more peacefully if there was better communication.

Nonetheless, let's focus on moving forward.

The Zyxalarian Ball is coming up and we have our Nominees! 91 Woozens are vying for a chance to become part of the Zyxalarian Royalty.

However, only 20 will be crowned on June 30th.

The Royalty Winners will receive a unique Title, two hairstyles with crowns, a Speech Bubble, and a unique Pose to always look like a member of royalty.

To become a part of the Zyxalarian Royalty, there is one final step known as PHASE TWO.

As a nominee, you'll be required to write a speech for the Zyxalarian people to help us make our decision and provide a selfie to commemorate your debut as a member of the royalties.

To be considered for Zyxalarian royalty, your speech must address two questions:

Why do you believe you deserve this honor?

What you will contribute to your community if elected?

The winning speech will be featured in a blog after the Zyxalarian Ball on June 30th.

Click HERE when you are prepared to submit your speech and selfie.

We're excited to join everyone in the Zyxalarian Forest on June 30th for a celebration.

It's time to prepare your dresses because it will be an incredible event!