Zyxalar's Great Ball

Royal Woozens,

My name is Zon'arr Zeex from Zyxalar. Some people know me as "The Punisher", a nickname given to me by Miss Miraje.

However, that nickname was the result of a huge misunderstanding.

I've been stranded on Woozworld ever since my ship crashed, and in spite of my efforts to return to Zyxalar, I've been unable to do so.

I received good news from First Lieutenant Leela of Woozworld Colony VI.

Once they've solved the FloofleZ situation, they're planning to visit my planet to restock their supplies of Zyxalarian roasted beans.

But I won't be going back to Zyxalar alone. I'd hereby like to invite all Woozens to join me in a celebration of my return.

My people are planning a fantastical event called the Zyxalarian Great Ball, to which you are all invited as honored guests. Thank you for helping me find my loved one

At the Zyxalarian Great Ball, you have the opportunity to be recognized as Royalty for assisting me, a distressed alien.

Let me tell you how you can become Zyxalarian royalty.

To qualify as a royal nominee in Woozworld, you must win any contest that ends before June 30, or win some of the events hosted by Sowilo.

Winning the title of Royal Nominee is the first step towards achieving your goal.

The Royalty title will be awarded to nominees who have contributed positively to their community by helping other Woozens, organizing events, games, fashion shows and tutorials, sharing on the WoozIn platform and maintaining a fashionable appearance.

Mark your calendars for June 30th, as the Zyxalarian Great Ball will take place at 16 W.H. in the Zyxalar Forest.

Don't forget to plan your outfit, as it will be a fashion show!


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