Zyxalar, the Planet of Fashion

My Woozen friends,

First, let me address the question on everyone's mind before I delve into the wonders of my home planet.

How do you pronounce Zyxalar? It's Zi-csa-lar, not too hard compared to some Earthly names like Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturip.

I come from a planet that embraces nature and harmony. Our home is situated in the Zyxalarian Forest, where the trees sparkle like stars in the sky and the fruits are luscious and invigorating, granting strength and agility to those who consume them.

Our community thrives on harmony, not only with nature but also with one another. We resolve conflicts and celebrate with the same passion - through fashion shows.

Fashion is integral to our daily lives, and our renowned intergalactic catwalks always leave a lasting impression.

With my return, the Great Zyxalarian Ball is sure to happen, giving all Zyxalarians the chance to meet the ones who made it possible - the Woozens!

We are looking forward to celebrating with everyone in the Zyxalarian Forest on June 30. My friends and family are excited to meet you all!


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