Zix's Shooting Stars

Woozens Upon A Star,

Looking up at the night sky, most people will eventually spot a shooting star.

The upcoming Zix Meteor Shower is a great opportunity to catch one if you haven't yet.

The legends say that Zix was the Goddess of the Stars, and she had her own PegaZus, which she raised and loved.

PegaZus loved to chase pebbles and fly away with them.

One day, Zix threw a pebble and PegaZus leaped up, caught it, and brought it back to her.

Thus, the game of fetch was discovered.

Zix and PegaZus played this game so frequently that a shooting star would appear every time PegaZus missed a catch.

To keep all the pebbles safe, Zix created a special backpack.

Zix's Meteor Shower will begin on Tuesday, November 28th, and will continue until Tuesday, December 12th.

These shooting stars will be visible throughout Woozworld, and if you wear Zix's Star Backpack, you'll be able to collect star fragments.

You can then take these fragments to Zix's Shrine to trade them in for amazing items that are out of this world.

Star fragments will appear every 5 minutes, in any Unitz with a minimum of 3 Woozens. 

Go out there and search for those shooting stars!

Woozworld Staff.

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