Your fire-breathing BestiZ!

Hey Woozens,

Surely by now, you are becoming a true "parent of dragons" all on your own!

As you know, there are three, yes THREE, adorable little Dragon BestiZ to adopt:

Drygyn BestiZ

Rhoozgal BestiZ

Woozerion BestiZ

But did you know that these ferocious and adorable little BestiZ have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves? Not only can your BestiZ walk, stop, sit, and roll over like your other BestiZ, but they also have some unique tricks you can teach them!

Your dragon BestiZ can also:


Breathe Fire

and FLY

If you haven't already got your hands on a Dragon Egg, what are you waiting for? Don't forget that these adorable little monsters will also need to be HATCHED! To hatch your brand new BestiZ, you can use an Incubator that you already own, or you can get your hands on the Dragon Egg Incubator from ShopZ to help you hatch your new BestiZ even faster!

We know that it's reeeeeal tough to choose between all three of these adorable BestiZ... How can you be expected to choose just one?! Spoiler alert, you don't have to! You can adopt all THREE of these BestiZ, no matter which Dragon House you joined!

That's not all! There's also some awesomeeeee Dragon BestiZ Furniture to help you make your new BestiZ feel at home!

Once you've hatched your first Dragon BestiZ, be sure to enter into the Dragon BestiZ Selfie Contest *the ol' fashioned way* and show off your lit 'fit!

Head to ShopZ today and adopt your brand new BestiZ!