Xantarra: Underwater excursion

Hey there, Woozen friends!

Grab your sunscreen, towels, and shades because we're heading to the beach for a day of fun and pearl collecting!

You see, word on the street (or should I say, on the beach?) is that there's a beautiful Mermaid Queen living under the sea near Mollusk Beach, and as a Zyxalarian, it is my responsibility to go meet Queen Kai!

After a tour of her kingdom, her Majesty introduced me to the local crafts! It's amazing what you can do with pearls! Which led to a great idea...

Using pearls and everything Mack has taught us about design, we've created new pearl furniture, but that's not all!

We've added some new titles that you can unlock as you build, up to 3 levels! Click here to craft them!

You can find pearls at Mollusk Beach, but if you prefer not to collect them, we'll sell them in-store too!

Remember, the fun starts with you, so be there or be square. Don't forget your sense of adventure and a dash of sunscreen!

Be EXTRA-terrestrial!


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