WSD: Principal Lyre MISSING!

WSD students/Woozens,

OMG the drama never stops around here!

The latest WSD gossip is... Principal Lyre has gone MISSING! :O


The details are a bit sketchy, but here's what we know so far:

Principal Lyre is usually the first person to arrive and last person to leave the school.

Last Friday, she stayed unusually late. We know this because the night janitor also stayed unusually late (because of an unfortunate plumbing issue) and he saw Principal Lyre just before leaving.

On Monday morning, the light was on in Principal Lyre's office, so school counselor Colton assumed she was already in. It wasn't until lunchtime that Colton realized that Principal Lyre, in fact, was not there.

No one saw her at all on Monday. That evening, she was reported missing.

Since then, Colton has been searching her office for clues. Maybe this has something to do with all the hot goss about the Old Yard behind the school.

That's all we know so far!

If you're feeling up to it, check your Quest Journal soon to find out how you can help!

Remember to be careful! We still don't know if all of those ghostly rumors are true or not...

*Make sure you've completed the first part of the Quest to be able to participate in the search for Principal Lyre*