WSD: Jack-o-lantern Crafting Contest!

Halloween-loving Woozens,

'Tis the season for all things spooktacular and, trust me when I say, WSD does not take this season lightly! In fact, Halloween is a pretty big deal around here. There's even a big Halloween Ball at the end of the month, so, as you can imagine, there's lots to do!

Such as...

Crafting some jack-o-lanterns!

That's right; you're going to be turning boring, old pumpkins into spooky works of art!

And, of course, we're making a friendly little competition out of it ;) You'll even be able to follow your progress on a leaderboard! There, each jack-o-lantern that you craft will be worth 1 point.

Each day of the contest, new winners will be rewarded. You will only be able to win these rewards once each.

The top jack-o-lantern crafter of each day will be rewarded with:

an exclusive JACK-O-LANTERN HEAD

an exclusive achievement and title

750 Wooz & 7500 Beex

extra energy!

The rest of the top 20 jack-o-lantern crafters of each day will be rewarded with:

an exclusive achievement and title

350 Wooz & 3000 Beex

extra energy!

Winners will be rewarded each day of the contest at 12PM WT, when the leaderboard will also reset. The Jack-o-lantern Crafting Contest will go until Friday, October 29 at 12PM WT.

You'll be able to find the recipes for the jack-o-lanterns in the Global Crafting Window. Pumpkins will be appearing around the Farm and candles will be appearing in Cortoza Unitz.

Check your Quest Journal soon to find out when the festive fun begins!