WSD: Ghostly Rumors

WSD students/Woozens,

There is a SPOOKY rumor floating around your school!

Several students have made claims that they've seen... Now how do I put this? They claim to have seen, well... A ghost.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "A GHOST?!?! Yeah right, there's no such thing as ghosts!"

But these students, who all belong to different grades and cliques, seem very convinced. They have all even described similar experiences! They have all described the ghost as looking like a girl with long-hair, wearing a ragged, old dress. Weird, right?

Not everyone believes, though. Some students think they are making the whole thing up! It is the spookiest season of all, though, so it's understandable that some students might get a bit carried away... Right?

The school counselor, Colton, isn't sure what to believe...Perhaps the rumors are all just a bit of Halloween fun!

"We have a school full of very creative students," he commented, "It's no wonder they might try to come up with a festively ghoulish story! But, hey, you never know around Halloween..."

Hmm... Who to believe...

Why don't you have a look around the school, talk to some of he students and decide for yourself? Check your Quest Journal soon for your instructions.

Happy investigating!

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