Writing Contest: World Poetry Day Winners

Hey Woozens!

As you know, today is World Poetry Day! To celebrate, we asked you to submit your very own original poems! We asked you to submit a poem that was 3-6 lines (And didn't necessarily need to rhyme #poetry), and boy, you guys sure did deliver! We got a ton of radical rhymes, so this decision was not an easy one!

Check out or faves below and have a happy World Poetry Day!


A day to celebrate with family and friends,

To showcase creativity that never ends.

A story, a poem, a haiku or song,

A beautiful piece could never go wrong.

So let your talent and imagination shine,

Share your artistry and I'll share mine.


The thorns so sharp and prickly,

Hurts as much as the pain you give me.

The petals as red,

As the heart that beats for you.

The red rose in my hand,

Representing my love for you.


There is something far more precious than gold,

It can't be found at the end of a rainbow.

Warm like the sun, soft like the rain,

It is your smile that will always brighten my day.


Though my power may be judged,

Deep within I do not hold a grudge.

I aspire one day to unravel the nature greens,

That have long been hidden underneath dark seams.

To restore them with great health is one of my dreams,

As they soak in the rays of powerful sun beams.


Life is just like a thorny rose,

Some moments of joy, and then there are woes.

But true friends always stand by your side,

Your deepest emotions, in them you can confide.

They are always there to give your spirit a lift,

They truly are an extraordinary gift!


Fields of green,

And leaves of four,

I wonder what St.Patrick's day has in store!

Pots of gold,

And rainbows that shine,

Let's see what the leprechaun has this time!


I wrote a short poem today,

Hoping you will read someday.

Find love and courage in these each word,

When the world is harsh and cold.

Sometimes even a short poem can be a voice for few,

Like right now, from me to you.


Time will test the strength of one,

In times of sorrow that's been done.

But if you can find the strength within,

The peace you crave will soon begin.

Stay joyous and hopeful for what's to be,

A bright horizon- soon you'll see.


It looks like it is dark,

Since there is no spark.

Everything would be all right,

Oh wait, I forgot to turn on the light.


You're the stars millions of light years away,

The rays of sun that dismiss the grey.

The light at the end of the tunnel,

The missing piece to my incomplete puzzle.

In this world, one thing is true,

We are born alone into shades of blue.


I've hunted near, I've hunted far,

I even looked inside my car.

I've lost my glasses, I'm in need,

To have them now, so I can read.

I loudly swear, and I curse,

Are they behind the sofa, under the bed?

Oh, there they are - on my head!


There's so much about,

You, that I like a lot.

To describe how I feel,

Words, there are not.

It's too much for me,

To convey in a few lines.

Why I want to be able,

To call you mine


Hard times cause for reflection,

With each tear comes a lesson.

Each year a strive for progression,

My fate is in my possession.


Sunflowers I saw on that bright sunny day,

Light up my world moving the clouds away.

Their backs towards the big vast sky,

Made them seem lifeless, so undenied.

Their petals so bright, their aura so sweet,

They stood so tall, I felt so complete.


We were all given voices to speak and express,

Through poetry, we can do this best.

For poems have helped us spread stories for generations,

Stories of passion or the wins of great nations.

So we can show gratitude for these wonderful creations,

On March twenty-first, a day of celebration.

Congrats, Woozens! The poets above will receive a sweet Woozen prize!