Writing Contest: Trick-Or-Treat Tracks Winners

Hey Woozens,

As you know, we recently asked you to come up with a sweet trick-or-treat track! We wanted to see you bust a rhyme and change the lyrics of your faaaaave song and turn it into your very own Monster Mash! We got a ton of spoOoOoOoky songs, so you guys know this was not an easy decision!

Check out our faves below.

ItsDar - BTS: Permission to Dance

When the night is on, yeah,

And the witches are flying behind.

Just think about a moment,

That you can't look in Medusa's eye, eye, eye,

Or you'll die!

Karabloom - Dua Lipa: Levitating

If you wanna run away with me,

I know a Halloween party, and we can go and have a fright.

I had a premonition, with some spookiness envisioned,

Skeletons, ghosts, witches all come to life.

Cackles fill the sky, fear filling our eyes,

Shining in the eerie night.

avocadoes - Lil Nas X: That's What I Want

I want someone to scare me,

I want somebody to haunt me.

Cuz it's late at night,

On Halloween night.

I wanna be so scared,

I want someone to haunt...me tonight!

Caseygirli - China Anne McClain: Calling All The Monsters

Tonight all the parents spending cash

On costumes and candy.

All candy-corn thrown in the trash,

That "candy" ain't dandy,

Trading this for that.

No path crossed by black cats,

Tonight adding millions to your stash,

"Trick or treat" comes in handy.

DEADBOYCORPSE - Lionel Richie: Hello

Hello, I'm knocking on your door.

I can see the treats inside, I'm saying "Trick-or-treat",

The candy is all I wanted and my bag is open wide.

Cause I'm in a costume, and you hand me the candy,

And I just wanted to yell, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

JailenSlays - Ariana Grande: Positions

Switchin' Halloween treats with you,

Riding with my witches, soaring up on my broom.

Zombies, spiders, webs and all to give a good BOO!

Know my tricks are clever, and this scare is for you,

Jack-o'-Lanterns, too,

A good scare for you!

JazRoyalwow - Justin Bieber & The Kid LAROI: Stay

Oh, I'll be scared if you're not really right here,

My costume is scary but yours is terrifying.

Your bucket is full but mine is empty,

The moon is full but I kinda miss you,

I need you to trick, need you to treat, with me.

chechebratz1245 - NSYNC: It's Gonna Be Me

Every little thing I do,

He's watching from a different view.

Even when you think you're alone,

Yeah you were wrong.

And when he gets so tired of me, he's gonna find somebody,

Guess what; It's gonna be YOU!

sdfdsFdfdfsdfdsF - Ed Sheeran: Bad Habits

The long night of haunting has finally begun,

The dead, rising from their graves, ready for some fun.

Boo, the ghosts creep up from behind, they scare you, scream and run,

No treats, only tricks, chills running down your spine.

The chase makes you petrified!

Aallotar - Megan Thee Stallion: Hot Girl Summer

Scaring me? Who gon' scare thee queen?

Pumpkins, treats and fangs is all around me, can't you see?

He howls at midnight, he wanna be the wolf for me,

I told him vampires for me, I hate the sunlight equally.

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize!