Writing Contest: Tasty Tunes Winners

Hey Woozens,

Happy belated Thanksgiving! As you know, we recently asked you to get into the Thanksgiving spirit by taking the thyme to rhyme! We wanted to hear you change the lyrics of your favourite tune and turn it into your own sweet and savoury song! We got a TON of entries, so you know that was not an easy decision!

Check out our faves below.

Lillienen - BTS: Butter

Smooth like gravy, like a slice of ham, hm, maybe,

Gon' pop, like, a struggle buttoning up my pants after that.

Fresh made, supper, yeah, I owe it all to my mother,

Hot like potatoes, yeah, I'm filling you up with that.

penelapi - The Temptations: My Girl

I've got sunshine on this Thanksgiving Day,

Makes me warm inside like this delicious gravy.

I guess you'd say,

What can make me feel this way?

Turkey (turkey, turkey)

Talkin' bout my turkey (turkey)

Bugn - Aqua: Barbie Girl

I'm a turkey running,

From being cooked in the oven.

My life is drastic,

I'm not being sarcastic.

They will catch me soon,

While I'm singing my last Thanksgiving tune.

Parison - P!nk: Just Give Me A Reason

Just give me some turkey and a little bit of stuffing,

Just a second helping of the Mashed tators.

I'll be thankful to you friend!

It's in that jar,

The cranberry sauce is in that glass jar,

It goes great on those canned yams.

Thank you for the helping hand!

gIoomy - Bad Bunny, Cardi B, J Balvin: I Like It

Now I like turkey, I like ham, I like stuffing, I like yam,

I really want to start eating,

Where's my fork? Girl, I'm feasting!

I like the pumpkin pie!

Everything here looks so nice.

justice4130 - Adele: Easy On Me

Go easy on the gravy,

I still wanna taste,

What is on my plate, too.

Pass me some more turkey,

And some green beans, too, just a scoop or two,

Just go easy on it.

HaIeyy - Andy Grammer: Honey, I'm good

It's been a long long year, and the food is near,

And all these turkey legs are everywhere.

Hold up now, ham looks good. I will not lie,

But if you insist, I will take a bite.

Oh, potato salad, baby. You got me all wrong baby,

Devilled-eggs already got all my love.

xenization - BTS: Dynamite

This is getting tasty, can you smell the sweet pie, I'm hungry, mm hmm,

Life is sweet as honey, yeah, this Thanksgiving is a blessing, amen!

Turkey overload, I'm into that, It's good to serve,

I'm hungry, you know I'm thankful! Hey, so let's eat!

Mei-mix - Eminem: Lose Yourself


His palms are sweaty, belt tight, eyes are heavy.

There is gravy on his shirt, mom's tofurky,

He's alive, but on the inside tryptophan is taken his life.

AngelicGift - Christina Aguilera: Genie In A Bottle

If you wanna eat with me,

There's some thing you need to know.

We don't cut turkey for you round here,

You got to serve it on your own.

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize!