Writing Contest: Sweetz & Snackz Winners

Hey Woozens!

We have reached the end of WNS for this year, but we couldn't let that stop you from singing your heart out! We asked you to change the words of your faaaave jam and turn it into a sweet beat! We got a ton of tasty tunes, so you know this was not an easy decision!

Check out our faves below.

iLucy - Tom Walker: Leave A Light On

If you look into the kitchen, there's a cupcake upon the counter

Smelling like a treat to a feeling where you'll be

Full and feeling satisfied,

'Cause we've all made desserts

If you've found your appetite, if you've found your appetite

I will leave the treats out

LimeTree - Dua Lipa: Don't Start Now

If you don't wanna see me snacking on some candy

If you wanna believe that a diet could stop me

Don't show up, don't come now

Don't start sharing food with me now

Walk away! Please, do so now!

Don't start sharing food with me now

TheLoveCaster - John Legend: All Of Me

Cause all of me

Loves eating food

Love the pineapple on my pizza

All the tasty crust and toppings

Eating it so comfortably

Won't share it with anybody

Jazminlei - Juice Wrld & Lil Tecca: Ransom

I got sweets and desserts, what you want?

I could make you cookies even pie and eggnog

I know you want sweet ro-o-olls, that's what you want

I have peanut butter apple dip and almonds

fruits, chips, with boba

They see me baking everything, they say they want some

Kiyoomi - Post Malone: Goodbyes

I lick the frosting off

Fill me up with this high calorie food

There's no way I'll resist this

'Cause I'm known as a glutton

Give me another slice

Another, another, cake slice

MunnaFish - Meghan Trainor: All About That Bass

Yeah it's pretty clear, I got a sweet tooth

And I will taste them, taste 'em

From snacks to orange juice

'Cause I got that craving that I cannot contain

And all the appetite that doesn't seem to end

iBree - Megan Thee Stallion: Savage

He said he wanted a treat, so I gave him a Scooby Snack

He said I'm too sweet, so I threw him a Sour Patch

Blueberry wig, call me iCaramba moving from the drama

Lollipops are for kids, baby you got a sugar rush

You need something to drink go get the Soda Crush

Don't play with me I'll crack you like a peanut, (AH)

backshotz - Trey Songz & Nicki Minaj: Bottoms Up

Yo, Can I get that crunch, can I get that Lay's

Can I get that Sprite, can I get that Lolly

Can I get that waffles on a plate, plate, plate

Could I get syrup all around that rim-rim-rim-rim

Rosa, I was like "Yo Rosa"

Do you think you could buy me some strawberry sorbet?

Plumice - Doja Cat: Say So

Day to night to morning, some ice cream's what I'm cravin'

Mint chocolate chip, strawberry, I love it all so

Chocolate covered berries, gelato with some cherries

You had me at fudge brownies, I just can't say no

ItsjstAsh - Harry Styles: Watermelon Sugar

Bring me Skittles, bring me some Mars

I can't stop eating these sweet yumm-ies

Cheetos and wings, Hershey's choco bars

I can't stop filling them in my tummy

I love eating sweetz

I love eating sweetz

bellapie - Jason Derulo: Savage Love

Chocolate cake

Does somebody, does somebody need a snack?

Lets go to the bakery, we can get one now

I can't wait to eat one, grab the keys real fast

I'm craving for that, that chocolate cake

That chocolate ca- a- a- ake

Desireforever - Adele: Hello

Hello, pizza late at night

I keep saying just one more slice

And I feel so hungry

Breakfast, dinner, and lunch

And the ice cream, truck is

The only reason I run anymore

PRINCESSDIANAuca - Jonas Brother: Sucker

Got loads of chocolates inside my bag, there's an ice cream place on my map

and baby you know it's obvious

I'm a sucker for sweets!

Bake me a cake and I'll finish all of it blindly

I'm a sucker for sweets!

All the sprinkles I see, I want you to add it

Angela553 - Roddy Ricch: The Box

Pulled out the Wendy's parking lot

Gotta go get some Pop Rocks

Pulling Froot-Loops out the box

Had to get some donuts in a box

Had to eat em all out the box

Fill up a bowl of chips, Imma go craaazy

Cupcake37 - Doja Cat: Say So

Didn't even notice, no gushers or Fruit Roll-ups

I wish I would've noticed; I would've got some

Day to night to morning, snack all day never boring

I'd share some had I known it, I would've saved some

Didn't even notice, there's Fruit Snacks left to roll with

Here have it as a bonus; you want it? Say so

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize!