Writing Contest: Spooky Stories Winners

Hey Woozens,

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Of course, it wouldn't be Halloween without some spoooooky ghost stories, now, would it? You may remember that we asked you to write in your very own terrifying tale! As usual, we got a ton of entries, so you know this was a tough decision! We've narrowed it down to our top 10 ghost stories!

Hope you enjoy!


The clock struck midnight. The echoing clang of the church bells in the distance stilled me. I rose to see that I was bound to a chair just when a ghostly apparition manifested in front of my face. "Boo." it breathed frost, numbing my body by mere contact as I heaved for words, "Please...you already took my family," gesturing at the ice sculptures that surrounded me. Only to be met by menacing red eyes that bore into my ice-cold soul before I lost control of all my senses.


My blurred vision became clear as I slowly adjusted to my surroundings. I was in an old house that smelled of rotting wood and mould. I heard a faint scream from a distance. "Kate?" I walked down the hallway and headed toward a half-open door. I took a deep breath and took a step toward the door. The door slammed in front of me. I gasped. "H-hello?" I said as blood started dripping at my feet. I slowly looked up and saw the blood still dripping from a crack in the ceiling. A pale eye appeared through the crack. I screamed. 

I ran to the stairs. Dizzy from what I had seen, I stumbled down the carpeted stairs. I reached the front door and opened it. I saw the girl from upstairs. She had long soaking wet hair, her head and shoulders drooped like a branch. She wore a wet crumpled white nightgown, I stared at her frozen in shock. She smiled.

I woke up gasping. "It's just a dream. It's just a dream." I said to myself.

I heard a crack from the wall behind me. It wasn't a dream.


His eyes were icy blue, and his hair was an ashen grey. He was a pale color and translucent, almost like smoke. You only saw him for a moment, and then he was gone. You stood still, your eyes fixed on the spot, the ghost was right in front of your bed, only a moment ago. Suddenly, cold air shot up your spine, and you heard someone murmur in your ear, "Flee while you can, darling." You whipped your head around. Nothing. Maybe you had just imagined it? It was Halloween, after all. Shrugging it off as a figment of your imagination, you got into your bed and turned off the light. Utterly oblivious of the fact you wouldn't wake up the following day.


Brittle, dry leaves rustle through the midnight air, gently circulating the misty and vacant labyrinth. My breath is silenced with each fragile leaf succumbing to every delicate step. Distant chimes, light yet potent, dance with the crisp autumn breeze. Faint screams and howls mask themselves within the sombre night sky. The icy air pierces through my skin, numbing my sense of awareness. My lips fail to impart any words in response to my desperate attempts of calling out to my friend. A sharp rush of cool air taps on my back, it's followed by a firm grasp of bony fingers on my shoulder. I turn around apprehensively to meet nothing but a solely dark void.


He wasn't scared. 

When his friends pushed him into the woods and dared him to walk 250 steps away from the camp, he refused. It was stupid, but seeing their disappointment compelled him to say yes.

As the image of the camp vanished from his vision. He persuaded himself that he was fine. 243, he can't go back now that he's come this far.

When he took a step forward, he heard a crack and jumped from the sudden noise. Despite the lack of light, he assumed it was a branch based on its texture. He continued walking while holding his chest in the hopes of regaining his composure.

Shivers ran down his spine as the cold breeze touched his skin. His sweat streamed from his brow as he began to breathe heavily. He fought the urge to turn back. He got closer to his goal and started to feel uneasy.

He began to tremble but continued to deny that he was afraid.

248, two steps left until he can go back.

249, one step left.


He turned around to go back, smiling but instead came face to face with a blade that pierced through his head.


As I tip-toed through the cold, scary hallway, I could feel a legion of eyes on me. I could hear hundreds of words but understood nothing. Yet, around me, there was no one; the hairs on my neck stood up. I looked around, and all I saw were pictures of hundreds of people, maybe thousands of people on little Polaroid pictures stuck to the wall. I could barely see it, but I knew they were all standing in this same hallway. The end of the hallway is near. I can see the light switch illuminated by a tiny lamp above it. I reached it, and I turned it on. I screamed as a flash of light struck me as I could see all the pictures clearly...too clearly. I could feel my soul leave me. I joined the ghosts that were watching me a minute ago, I realized they were trying to warn me. A new picture was added to the hallway walls, and it was mine.


I snuck through the alleyway, my hood up as the rain began to fall- first a light shower, nothing more than a nuisance, but it quickly became a downpour and I simply couldn't carry on with my journey, so I found the nearest cafe and ordered a handsome pie and a coffee to wash it down.

I had finished my coffee and was already halfway through my pie when I realized something wasn't right with both staff and customers.

One customer had a necklace of bloody teeth hung around their neck. A staff member had a headband resembling human guts on her head- and it was nowhere near Halloween!

I began to pick through my pie slowly... and I found an eyeball staring at me- I gasped in absolute horror! I looked up from my pie, nauseous, and found that everyone was staring hungrily at me! This was not a normal coffee shop...


"S-slow down! T-they say t-there are v-vengeful g-ghosts" Presley whimpered while grabbing the end of my jacket.

"Oh, please," I rolled my eyes continuing to tread deeper into the abandoned morgue, "This was originally your idea."

Presley had no response as what I said was true, so we continue down the hall to reach the glow we saw coming from one of the rooms.

"L-let's go back," Presley begged. I ignored him and entered the room, but as soon as we entered, the door slammed shut.

As I turned back to Presley, I saw his glasses drop on the floor, but no Presley, not even a squeak. "P-Presley?" No response.

A chill down my spine and turned back towards the room. Ghastly figures rose from the ground and the walls began dripping with blood.

One sprung up in front of me and grabbed my hand, pulling it towards the green glow coming from the cabinets.

I tried screaming, but nothing could come out. 'This is the end,' I thought before fainting.

I opened my eyes and saw myself at the hospital—wait—why is everyone crying?


The watch on my bedside table flashed 3:45 AM. The closet was open and it had entered my room. It was slender and twig-like, its grey skin almost transparent. Its bones were showing and its teeth were like needles. It began approaching me slowly, creating a vicious growling sound. It was so close now I could feel its breath on my face. It lifted its slender arm to reveal claws as sharp as daggers, and swung it in my direction. I woke up.

The clock on my bedside table flashed 3:44 AM. I heard my closet door opening.


A sweet taste of milk in the evening with some jazzy music, accompanied by solitude, blessed Rafael to end the day with pleasure. 

On nights like this, he sat by the table in the living room, watching movies. As he felt his eyes closing, he heard a sound come from the computer. An email from an unfamiliar sender named Ted. 

"They are all coming for you."

Curiously, Rafael decided to entertain the stranger. 

"Who's they?"

In less than a minute, Ted responded.

"My anger. My conscience. My intent: Tomorrow, your demise." 

Rafael quickly emailed his IT friend to trace Ted's messages. After a tiresome day, wondering who this peculiar persona could be, Rafael passed out on the table, with his computer still on.

The morning after, a sound woke Rafael. It was an email from his friend. Before opening the message, he needed a drink.

A bitter taste of coffee in the morning, silence, accompanied by fear, cursed Rafael to open the email.

"The messages came from…. Your house."

His eyes wide open, he heard another sound on the computer, an email from Ted. He clicked the message.

"Tomorrow is here."

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