Writing Contest: Spooky Slam Poetry Winners

Hey Woozens!

As you know, the spooky season it upon us! We wanted to hear you bust out some spooky rhymes! We asked you to send in a 3-6 line poem all about Halloween! We got a ton of amazing entries, so you know this was not an easy decision!

Check out our faves below.


Fog all around,

A whispering sound,

As you open the door,

And take a step more,

The floor would creek,

And blood starts to leak.


Pumpkins are orange,

Blood and guts are red,

Tonight they'll walk, they're the living dead,

Their mouths are watering, they just want to be fed,

Maybe they'll spare me,

And eat you instead.


Goblins and ghouls lurk through the night,

Making the people stir with fright,

Playing tricks to get the treats,

Walking in costumes down the streets,

This Hallows' Eve will give you quiet the scare,

And it all starts with picking out a costume to wear!


Alone in the forest,

Full Moon as she walks,

Alas, she hears a noise,

The man as he talks,

"Come here little one, as destiny has come."

She walks with him, not knowing what she's done.


Halloween is a time of fright and delight,

Kids collecting candy late at night,

Carving pumpkins and scaring friends,

Venturing into a haunted house,

Not knowing if your life will end.


Taking a walk in a dark and empty street,

Knocking on doors, and asking for treats,

I knocked the door of an eerie house,

I was welcomed by a woman with a bloody blouse,

She dragged me into the house as I begged her to stop,

Then she replied, "welcome to my butcher shop."


Wicked cackles fill the night air,

With spine-chilling decorations sure to give you a scare.

People enjoying their candy delights,

On this spooky Halloween night,

A drizzle of orange and a drizzle of green,

Have a happy Halloween.


The pumpkin king,

Comes for us all,

To avenge the death of all the fall,

The children laugh with such glee,

As they slaughter his family tree.


The moon hangs in the sky glowing luminously like a ghost,

Spirits now roam freely searching for a willing host,

The chill of the breeze makes you shiver to the bone,

So on this full moon Halloween its best your not alone.


Ghouls wriggle out of their graves,

Witches begin their preparations for a seance,

Apparitions manifest into the moonlight,

Children dress up in their costumes and trick-or-treat throughout the night,

Come one and all for tonight is the night,

For a frightful Halloween night!

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize!