Writing Contest: Righteous Rhymes Winners

Hey Woozens,

As you know, last Sunday was World Poetry Day! To celebrate the poetic occasion, we asked you to send in your very own poems! We wanted to see you get super creative and write your very own poem that was 3 - 6 lines long...It didn't have to rhyme, of course! As usual, we got a ton of amazing entries, so you know this was not an easy decision!

Check out our faves below.


I choose to love you in silence,

For in silence I find forever.

Your smile that I adore from a distance,

Makes me fall in love over and over.

Tonight, can I have this dance?

Because I won't see you again, ever.


Red radiant roses,

While they're beautiful from an outsider's view,

They bear sharp thorns that draw pain, and blood too,

But while these thorns hurt, they aren't there just for show,

They are meant to protect the fragile rose.


A field with flowers of stardust and sea,

She picked one with the most delicate of tugs,

And her lips turned upward,

Lost and found in magic.


The changing of trees, yellowing of leaves,

Mess it leaves, as wind hits its crackling sound,

The droplets of rain, as it hits the ground,

Beautiful things.

Like the beating of my heart,

It is you I have found, through our autumn bright love.


Unplug from the bright lights and the constant humming.

Step away from the desk, and take a moment to breathe.

Stop for a bit, and recharge yourself. You wont miss out.

Unplug from the constant reminders that you need to act a certain way.

Step away from the false reality, and allow yourself to smile.

Start living in the moment for yourself and the beautiful people around you.


A broken heart feels like death,

B - R - O - K - E - N

Like you are taking your last breath.

But life is bigger and more meaningful,

So I pull myself together although it's frightful.

Time has the power to heal a broken heart,

But persevere to make sure you don't feel apart.


Warmth and feelings will run its course,

It gives emotional turmoil with force.

Oh, powerful poetry, you are the source,

Of magic, stories and wisdom people should enforce.

The message that resonates, when my voice is hoarse,

You paint my day, get me through, even at my worst.


Early nights with bits of snow,

Cracked ice and flowers grow.

Rainy days have come to an end,

Sun rays have begun to extend.

The leaves have fallen to the ground,

My love is still nowhere to be found.


You took my heart so gently in your hands,

Preparing it for the love that it's been missing.

You threaded the string through the needle,

And stitched my broken heart back together.

As you placed it back into my body,

my heart beat for you and I finally felt alive again.


I once was locked in a cage;

I tried to disenthrall myself from suppression.

I had been silenced by a coercive mage

When I was dismantling systems of oppression.

They use their power to their advantage:

They annihilate democracy as they fear the opposition.


Shadows consume you like a bitter pill.

A void too difficult to fill.

Setting the scene is a dreary landscape,

followed by a long dark tunnel with no escape.


But as time slowly goes by,

I can see our endless love fading out of existence.

Our conversations run dry,

Our moments stretch thin,

Space now turns to silence.


The flowers rocked to the happy tune,

Of the birds delightful singing.

The trees awakened and joined to dance,

Showing off its new leaves and shaking.

The animals ran out to join the dance,

Embracing the warm sun in their waking.


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter: Four seasons come to wither;

T'was springtime when I blossomed with flowers—broken chrysalis ignited my powers;

Temperature's boiling, everything had spun—summery heat, it had all begun.

The leaves turned brown when the love was gone—the season was autumn when my feelings' been pawned;

The permafrost of pariah, unacceptance was its breeze—winter came insincerely, making my heart coldly freeze;

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter: Four Seasons turned my life messier.


Flowers bloom and lift the gloom that winter left behind,

Birds tweet as if to greet the sun from behind the clouds,

Bees will soon begin to buzz, their little bodies full of fuzz.

I hear their tiny whisper say, spring is finally here.


Love to the beloved whose love was never there,

Time to a friend who in the end didn't care,

Pointing fingers, placing blame, all to those but thyself,

Letting your time waste away like antiques on a shelf,

Love to the beloved whose love was never there,

Tell me, if it was done to you, would it had been fair?


You're like a sunset over sea,

Crashing waves beneath the rain.

You're like mint moroccan tea,

That simmers sweet with sugarcane.


Spring is upon us, may the flowers sing,

Looking into the horizon, to see what a new day brings.

Butterflies flutter around us, with their tiny wings,

Ending the winter, that brought a cold heart sting.


Flower petals gently sway with the touch of a breeze.

Another hope infused day that one must seize.

The former storm is countered with the warm sunlight's embrace,

Allowing all past tribulations to be erased.

One remembers that in order for light and positivity to extend and be achieved,

The combat and conquering of darkness must precede.


How did we get to a place of such hostility?

Going through these emotions in such agility,

I reminisce on when I could read you in such predictability.

Lack of truth between us has polluted our great stability,

Love gone rust, I crave a new found tranquility.

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize on Monday!

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