Writing Contest: Love Poems Winners

Hey Woozens,

As you know, tomorrow is Valentine's Day...and it wouldn't be a true Valentine's Day without some mushy-gushy love poems to spread the love! You may remember that we asked you to tap in to your inner poet and write your very own love poem for your one true love this Valentine's Day. As usual, we got a ton of entries, so you know this was not an easy decision!

Check out our faves below.


You found me lost in a storm of my own;

You took my hand, and together we danced in a shower of tranquillity,

While your eyes reflected the night sky.

But I saw you, and you alone,

And everything seemed to move in slow motion;

This is where I've always wanted to be.


Your skin shines bright like diamonds,

Your eyes, bright as the sun.

When I hold your hand in mine,

I realize that I have found the one.


Two souls and spirits coming together,

In unison, there is endless power.

Love so beautiful; it makes us wonder,

How together there's nothing we can't conquer.

The synergy of 2 has always made life better,

For you and I are meant for each other.


A surreal feeling beyond compare,

Enchantingly potent, filling the air.

Delicate hearts full to the brim,

Exuding affection and eliminating all that's dim.

A rose-tinted vision guides the way,

A vision so ethereal to portray.


As the sun rises on the horizon,

And shines a light on your face,

I am stunned by your beauty,

That none can replace.

But when the sun sets,

My love for you stays.



I was taken by surprise by her pretty green eyes,

With her cute red outfit and a lighter shade tie,

Made to perfection with her short blue hair,

Black nails, golden rings, and a whole lot of flair,

Made my heart jump where I had to gasp for air,

Hopefully, she sees this and holds my words dear.


Two hearts conjoined as one,

Inseparable and can't be undone.

Emotions that run so pure,

A blazing love that presents to one's heartache a cure.


Twin flames we are,

Like the burning sun, the brightest star.

Whilst the beautiful moon glows at night in the midnight sky,

I think of you every time, I cannot deny.

Your beauty is ethereal, like no other,

And for eternity and a day, we'll have each other.


Hands, like vines, intertwined,

Running through our skin,

Binding us together, never to unwind.

Closer, as we stare into each other's eyes,

Lost in her universe, as I begin to ponder,

How beautiful it might be to stay in this moment forever


At first glance, I immediately fell,

To your sweet smile, my heart started to swell.

Is this that kind of love to avoid as they all say?

Indeed, love at first sight to my dismay,

Too shy to come to you and say hey,

I guess I'd just admire you from far away.

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize *on Monday*!