Writing Contest: Friendship Songs Winners

Hey Woozens,

As you know, last week we celebrated World Friendship Day! We wanted to keep the celebration going by having you sing your heart out for your bestie! We asked you to change the words of your fave jam to give your BFF the shoutout they deserve! As usual, we got a ton of entries, so you know this was not an easy decision!

Check out our fave below.

prmaccs - Taylor Swift: Crazier

Your laugh is my favorite sound,

You're there when I'm down.

You make my life happier, and better,

I'm thankful you're here by my side.

You're one of a kind,

You make my life happier, luckier, and better.

Seouled - Anne-Marie & Niall Horan: Our Song

When I think I'm alone,

You text me back on my phone,

I smile, you're worthwhile.

Listen to our favourite songs,

Think back to the laughter, tears, and memories.

Carsun - Dua Lipa: Levitating

If you wanna drive away with me, I know a restaurant,

And I can take you for some food.

I had a premonition that we fell into a coma,

Where we ate till we no longer felt good.

Parmesan in the sky, my bestie by my side,

Pasta just the way we like.

iBree - Normani & Megan Thee Stallion: Diamonds

My friends do what they want 'cause they know that they hot,

We ain't in a band, we know how to rock.

If you don't mess with us we gonna give you that chop,

Took them to dinner, cuz it's a girls night out.

Oparetta - Dua Lipa: Levitating

Glitter in the sky, glitter in our eyes,

Shining just the way we like,

We always got each other if we need any company,

We met each other at the perfect time.

aimez - NAV ft. The Weeknd: Some Way

When we talk, we always talk and keep it real,

No sugarcoating, any coating, we seal the deal.

Trust and respect is what it is, what it really be,

None of these other Woozens can really see.

Shoutout raid, shoutout shadow, shoutout legendary,

They be my friends, be my friends, till the end you see.

-Antheia - Cavetown: Boys Will Be Bugs

Come run with me, we'll go places and it won't be scary,

I'll hold your hand, we can ride our bikes, just you and me.

Come talk to me, 'cause I will reply, I won't make you cry,

Your sidekick, your best buddy, I will always be.

We'll be friends for life, right?

diana033 - Alec Benjamin: If We Have Each Other

Let's do something crazy for once,

A road trip without a destination, ready?

You get your camera and I, some snacks,

It'll be alright if we have each other

myrtleschnittka - BTS: Permission to Dance

You don't need to be scared,

'Cause when you fall, I'll be here for you.

No need to bottle up the sadness within you,

A friend will help you carry that load.

Stellaine - BTS: Permission to Dance

Can I say something to my friends?

It's just gotta to be said,

Oh, how I do really love them,

Through my ups and through my downs,

They don't let me leave with a frown,

Thank you guys, you all deserve a crown.

MiaBelle - Doja Cat: Best Friend

She my best friend,

She a real fun gal.

Got her own style,

She don't need no man,

On the dance floor,

She got 2,3 trophies.


meIodrama - Taylor Swift: The Lakes

Let's go to the lakes where all our wishes come to life,

I hope you know that the stars, they shine for you.

Those ghoulish green things in the sky twinkle just like your eyes,

You're beautiful, and I'll always tell you.

sapporo - Childish Gambino: Redbone


I woke up feeling like nobody wants me.

I used to, but now you're here my days have been so bubbly,

With you, my life has been so fine.

Thank you,

No words can ever be enough to say I love you.

xHeidi - Taylor Swift: You Belong With Me

You're on the phone with your boyfriend, he's upset,

He's going off about someone you never met,

He'll never understand you like I do.

We're in my room, it's a typical Friday night,

We're laughing over the jokes other people don't like,

Always thought we were besties in another life.

Politeia - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth: See You Again

It's been 2 years without you, my friend,

And I'll give you hugs and kisses when I see you again.

I miss the fun moments of laughter and joy,

Oh, I'll give you hugs and kisses when I see you again.

My dearest friend.

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize!