Writing Contest: Fairy Tale Winners

Hey Woozens,

Today is National Write a Fairy Tale Day! To celebrate the lovely day, you may remember that we asked you to write your very own short Fairy Tale...something with a little less drama than the finale of For Love or Wooz! As usual, you guys blew. us. away. with your creativity! We got a ton of entries, so you know this was not an easy decision!

Check out our faves below.


A slender, yet charming, woman lay in a fixed position behind a bush of fallen leaves. Her pale face held rosy, red cheeks and a faint smile. Her glistening, sapphire eyes adhered kindness and tenderness. She seemed like a decent woman who knows her way around the woods, however, I wouldn't let myself get deceived from my one-sided perception. My sister, Scarlett, on the other hand took no precautions and took her chance in getting ourselves saved from the dark creatures that lurk the woods.

"Excuse me, do you know the way out of the woods? My sister and I got lost and we are trying to get back home." Scarlett hesitantly asked. The woman suddenly sets her gaze on Scarlett and myself and smiles, "I have been expecting you, your highnesses, follow me." she replies in a sweet tone. To our astonishment, the woman takes out a wand and unlocks a secret portal. A whole kingdom full of flowers, complimented with a large river and a towering castle, appeared before our eyes. "You are home at last. Now it's time to claim your rightful thrones." the woman gestures towards the kingdom, gently grasping our hands to lead us inside.


"Luna, the moon is pretty, isn't it?" he asked without looking at me.

It was night time at a bus stop and I couldn't see his face very well with the poor street lighting.

"Is that your way of saying "I Love You"?" I chuckled.

I looked up to the sky, only to find a moon covered in silvery clouds.

"Maybe?" he pursed his lips, "But I don't think I'll need the moon just to say how much I admire you."

I felt my cheeks get warmer as he spoke.

"You're a very straight forward person!" I spat to cover my embarrassment.

"Hmm! You know me very well," he laughed as he slid his hand on mine, intertwining our fingers.

"Yeah," I breathed, looking directly to his kind eyes, "the moon is very pretty... as always."


"I don't know, El. He just makes me feel okay, even when he's not here beside me. Frankly, it's been a while since I've felt as if the void inside me isn't there."

It's been two years since Liam had taken hold of my heart and squeezed it dry. I had no longer found the thrill of keeping the moon company at night with a pen and paper in hand, and I had no longer felt the need to survive. Until a certain Ethan appeared.

"He's left, just like Liam. He's left, and he's not coming back," she insisted, just like everyone else.

In the days, I'd walk the streets, only to be met with sad smiles and pitiful eyes, but I knew. Ethan is coming back.

"He is," I stated firmly. "I can feel it. Today marks a year since our worlds collided."

Dusk had now fallen, and as usual, I had retreated to the cliff which was our treasured spot, to have my nightly talk with the stars.


"I see you still like the stars."

I didn't even need to look behind me.

"I do. They've always reminded me of you. Welcome home, Ethan."


The fragments of his face lit well above the lantern she held close to her chest. She inches away as he scoots closer and soon enough she was trapped between him and the wall. He looks at her and asks, "So, when are you gonna stop hiding from me?". Embarrassed, she looks away from his presence and states that he should go before they get caught. He steps back and laughs at her comment and says, "You're already banning your own fiance from meeting you," sighing he adds, "I wonder how it'll be once we get married." Pacing around the room, she responds, "It's not that! I'm just really nervous." The man catches her and pulls her into his arms, tucking the strand of hair hanging behind her ear. He asks, "What's there to be worried about?" She nervously utters, "Well everything. What about the dress, the guests-" She is cut off by the man's chuckle. He leads her to a chair, reassuring her he says, "No matter what happens, I'll be with you till the end." Hearing her sigh of relief, he embraces her for the night and kisses her goodnight and slips out to the night.


She stared up at the twinkling sky and sighed. She's never met a guy like him before, one that would make her feel so safe and loved. Picking up her gown and walking down the corridor, she saw him. Her heart was pounding and her stomach filled with butterflies. The prince asked, "Shall we dance in this lovely moonlight?"


Prince Aiden was very eager to see his lover, Maria. It was almost dawn but he couldn't sleep, and just as the sun had risen, he went to town to visit her and finally ask her hand in marriage. Maria was very pleased to see him, the prince immediately grabbed her hands and told her "Marry me, my love, and we shall be happy forever. Leave everything behind and you'll be the mother of my children and take good care of me".

Maria was surprised, she had yet to fulfill her dream of becoming one of the best painters in Europe. "I'm sorry, but I cannot marry you, for I have many things I wish to fulfill. If I were to become your wife, I will be forever bound by the walls of your castle, unable to do what I want to do." Maria said. She hurried away from the prince's grip and left him, her dream and her family were more important. She's a skilled and talented artist, she doesn't need a man to keep her alive. Years later, she became one of the most profound painters in Europe and many women and young girls looked up to her. Self love. Period sis.


7.8 billion people across the world, I am wondering if there's someone there for me. Someone to hold, someone to cherish, and someone to love. I am wondering who would that person be, that will love and accept me for who and what I am. Ever since that thought came across my mind, I began to wrote a letter, a letter of love. I wrote a letter thinking of you, promising you the world, promising you the happiness and love that you deserve. I can't believe that this day will come, the day I will hand you the letter. And I, standing here will vow to love, honour, and cherish you, forsaking all others, as a faithful husband as long as we both shall live.

Said the groom.


Long ago, when mermaids roamed free amongst the ocean floor, there was a beautiful mermaid named Elina. Elina grew up with a merman named Travis, and as they grew up together, Elina's seemingly unrequited love became overwhelming. One day Elina and Travis were people watching from below a boat port, gazing at the sun and those who lived under it.

"I wish somebody loved me the way humans loved the sun, I wish to one day meet someone just like that!" Elina said as she sunk down into the water. Travis's face became a bright rose colour, that was almost warm to the touch.

"I've got to go!" he shouted at Elina, but he was gone before she could respond. Later that night, Travis was nowhere to be found. As time went on Elina grew more worried and began to look for him. While looking for Travis, Elina found a trail of sea flowers lined in front of the boat port. Standing there was Travis, holding a shell that replicated the sun perfectly.

"Elina you are my sun, always have been, always will be". Travis confessed to Elina, and they lived happily ever after.


There once lived a girl named Eleanor who had the ability to speak to animals. People thought she was just a silly child, but she found out hidden secrets as she got older, the people began calling her a witch. They would shout at her and throw rotten vegetables when she passed by, forcing her to flee to the nearby forest. Eleanor did not resent them, 'Once I'm all grown up, they will accept me.' One day, as she picking berries, she found an injured deer nearby. The kind-hearted child immediately rushed over to help the deer.

"How could I ever repay you, miss..?" the deer asked.

"I'm Eleanor. I did what anyone would have done," she answered. The deer walked over to her and placed its forehead onto hers, releasing a bright light. The deer became an elf and the cabin became a throne fit for a king and queen.

"Princess Eleanora of Freestia has been found, Your Majesties," the elf bowed. The uncanny resemblance Eleanor had with the two adults...and her special ability was proof that she was the missing princess and their child, Eleanora. The reunited family lived happily ever after.


In the Kingdom of Pakoea, the only village to never see the royal family, there was a girl named Lucy walking in the forest picking up berries. Lucy saw a man wounded and felt pity so she offered him a place to stay. She served food and treated his wounds. Both were having fun talking, the man was admired by her generosity and humour. Lucy admired the man for he showed a kindness unlike any man she'd met before.

The following day, there was an announcement from the palace that the prince is searching for someone to be his new bride. All the women prepared themselves and wore beautiful gowns. Lucy thought of the man yesterday she admired so she did not bother to think about the prince.

A carriage stops at her home. When she looked at the man stepping out the carriage, it was the man yesterday! She then realized he is a PRINCE! She immediately bowed down. The prince stopped her and stared at her saying "The princess never bows down to her prince."


"Give me that pendant right now, Bloomie."

Bloomie holds onto the pendant even tighter as the man before her tries to take it away from her. Tears threatening to escape her eyes as she mentally gives up. The pendant was her only way to escape reality after her mother's death five years ago. It fooled her into thinking that her mother was still alive.

Josh, her best friend for all her life, hated seeing Bloomie so sad all the time. It made his heart ache that he couldn't do anything to put a smile on her face. He decided that the best way to help Bloomie was to get that pendant away from her. Grabbing Bloomie's face and looking into her tear-filled eyes, "Bloomie, please allow me to fill the void in your heart, I have always loved you and seeing you sad only makes my heart ache."

Bloomie dumbstruck slowly let go of the pendant allowing Josh to have it in his possession. Josh took this opportunity to close the gap between them and allow their lips to touch. Bloomie allowed him it felt like the medicine she needed to continue in this dark life.


Isabelle wasn't your average girl. She lived in a lovely small village deep in the woods of the Emerald Valley. The name Emerald was given for the lush green grass and trees surrounding the village. Isabelle lived with her mother, and two sisters. Wanting more for her life than working in her mother's soap and grain shoppe, she longed to read, write, and teach children about the wonders of storytelling. She often traveled out of the village, running through the soft green grass, finding small ponds swimming full of fish and turtles. She would read her stories of princesses and fairies aloud to the animals, it seemed as though they understood her. She often brought them small bits of bread. Before she knew it, she was headed off on her journey with a small sack full of all her essentials. She stopped to feed her favorite critters one last time. As she traveled she sang loudly and took many reading breaks. She became an author of children's books after finding her own little spot to settle down in. In her little home and bookstore was popular amongst travellers. She finally found her happiness.

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize!