Writing Contest: Dino-Stories Winners

Hey Woozens!

As you know, we recently asked you to get super creative and write your own short story about our fave prehistoric pals....DINOSAURS! We got a ton of awesome short dino-stories that blew us away! You guys have some serious talent!

Check out our faves below.


I woke up surrounded by harsh fog. It shrouded my vision and altered my breathing. I couldn't remember where I was or how I got here. It was quiet, until it wasn't. All around me, I heard the agony of my fellow Stegosauruses. The screeches and the squeals. It wasn't until I saw the leaf I gave my son soiled on the ground, that my memory flooded back to me.

He was gone. The T-rex clan took him. I remember running as fast as I could, chasing after him, but I wasn't able to catch up. As I continued my pursuit, one T-rex came back and bit me in the leg, that's all I can recall.

I can't lose him. I can't lose my son.

I promised to protect him. I can't give up on him now. I need to get back up and find him. Right at that moment when I stood up, I felt my feet slightly sink. Two days ago, it rained. The rain softened the ground. Which means the T-rexs must've left a trail.

Now I'm not a fighter, but I need to prepare myself. I found a rock nearby and sharpened my tail.

Son, Momma's coming.


It was a cold winter day. Clouds covered the sky like a blanket, patches of deep blue peeking through the fluffy fabric. The wind blew in from the north; a storm was coming. A young Velociraptor skipped through the thin layer of snow on the ground, searching for little critters to eat. This time of the year was always not the most filling.

"Eeek!" Shouted small creatures as they ran from the Velociraptor, who was tiny itself. Today was going to be a hard hunt for the young one, it seems.

The Velociraptor slowly creeped through the long grass. Any noise would alert the potential breakfast. From a meter away, a small reptile was rolling around in the snow, unaware of the predator nearby.

The Velociraptor came close, sharp claws ready for a feast. Suddenly, a loud sonic boom cut through the frigid air and the atmosphere exploded into an array of fiery colors. The reptile prey jumped in fright and proceeded to scamper away, leaving the Velociraptor hungry.

But the Velociraptor never got to eat, for the asteroid that streaked through the sky made sure it would never feel hunger ever again.


Scurrying away fast, he could feel the rocky terrain of the earth beneath his reptilian, clawed feet. He could feel every crack and split, every minuscule pebble and stone. He could feel the swaying, invigorating wind blowing on his face. Finally, he was able to run to his heart's content without any rude interruption from his peers.

"Fatty Batty can't run!" they'd yell at him with no remorse as they knocked into him with their hard bodies and bit ferociously at his skin. Refusing to allow his sorrowful memories to engulf him into their dark grasps, Batty ran faster. As his tree trunk legs carried him along the path, a small crack began to surface below him. A squawking cry broke out from him as the earth abruptly split into two.

Batty knew.

He knew his gargantuan appetite would be his downfall and yet, he felt oddly comforted to know he would die in peace. As he fell closer and closer to his inevitable death, one thought circulated his mind; Fatty Batty can run.

And with that, his colossal body profoundly crashed into the ground resulting in a shattering earthquake that left the dinosaur species extinct.


The dinosaurs cheered as the last of them made their way onto the shiny smooth platform where they stood. Some hugged but only the ones whose arms allowed them to. They had all been through extreme weathers from freezing, icy-cold to scorching, hot blazes. This had felt like the finish line. Everything seemed to be going back to normal.

"Does anybody else feel extra crispy today?" Pterodactyl jokingly asked as he aired out his wings. T-Rex looked away in thought while Triceratops laughed at his friend's ludicrousness.

T-Rex decided to step away from everyone. He had noticed his tiny hands were drizzled in a mysterious red substance, as were other parts of his body. Panic struck him as realization of what was going on creeped in. The others did not fail to notice.

"Is that your blood?!" They shrieked from behind him.

"N-n-n-no," T-Rex spun around stuttering. "It's not, I swear! Brethren, please listen carefully. I think-"

Startling them- a loud metal CLANG! Yellow lava started pouring in at rapid speeds, and it headed right toward them!

It was macaroni, for they were chicken nuggets.


With his big mighty wings, my pterodactyl and I flew over hundreds of mountains fighting those who threatened our land. Different tribes tried to reign over us, raising their spears- they were no match against us.

"Heyaaaaa!" is their screams of aggression and my creature will just flap his wings and our enemies will just go 'woosh'. Easy.

My ever loyal pterodactyl saved my life countless times. When my arm is disabled, his wing would serve as mine. And when his other wing can not function, my arm is his. We are inseparable. But time is running, I grew old and so does he.

His wings are greying, glide in the skies slowing and spark in his eyes dulling. Now, in this cold cave we are sitting side to side sharing warmth and watching the sunset. His breaths are short and now I know. "Our time has come" and so I sang to him.

"Fire and water, opposites but so powerful together. Down by the bay is our home, your guidance never leads us astray. Ride or die was our hum and now your lullaby. Rest now my pterodactyl, we will peacefully cross… My dear Ischyrós."

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize!