Word from Walter

Good day, Woozens!

It is I, your old friend Walter Wattlesworth. I wanted to send word to you all that I am indeed fine after that interesting episode in my office. If you don't recall, after inserting the floppy disk I found into my computer, I simply... Vanished. It was quite jarring, to be terribly honest. But, as I said, I am doing just fine!

I am, however, in an alternate dimension. Shocking, I know! But I must say, it's quite breathtaking here. WZW2071, as this dimension is known, is an advanced society where environmental protection is just as important as technological advancement. A true utopia! Nature and technology working together is a very beautiful thing.

This brings me to my next point. There's currently an initiative in WZW2071 to reduce technological waste and focus on recycling more. As you can probably imagine, with the level of advancements here, there is a lot of waste. With this initiative, leftover microchips will be used for future inventions. And, Woozens, trust me when I say, there are plenty of microchips floating around WZW2071. So many, in fact, that help is needed to gather them. Help from, oh I don't know... Perhaps... You?

So, what do you say, Woozens? Ready for another adventure with your jolly, old friend Walter? Experience this stunning dimension and help it further flourish with me! It's easy enough to get here. Just keep an eye on that handy Quest Journal of yours for further instructions. You should get word within the next few days.

Hope to see you in WZW2071 soon!



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