Woozworld's Next Superstar is back!

Calling all Superstars!

Woozworld's Next Superstar will be starting on Monday and YOU could be the next Superstar of Woozworld!

The Woozband is introducing you to Wooz Records, one of the biggest record labels in Woozworld. Mya, Jay, Jenny and Max are all looking for their own superstars in different genres.

Mya will be looking for Woozworld's next pop superstar. Inspired by the classics, she wants someone who can make a bop and top the charts.

Max is waiting to be impressed by the rockers and alternatives out there. Woozworld's next rock superstar will be the new face of the genre.

Are you a country or folk star? Jenny wants you to prove that you're the next Swift or Underwood or Shelton or Young!

Jay's ready for the next hip-hop superstar to top the charts. Spittin' rhymes and staying true. Will you impress Jay?

On Monday, July 23, you will be able to choose the team/genre you want to be a part of. From there, you will start collecting Microphone Coins (Mic Coins) to rank in your team's Woozboard Top 20 Artists. The #1 Woozen in each team's Top 20 Artists will receive an exclusive achievement and title, 10,000 Wooz and an exclusive WNS Hair. The top 10 in each team will receive a Top 10 achievement and title, 2,000 Wooz and a trophy.

That's not all, Woozens! Each Woozband will also be pitting their teams against one another to see who can perform the most concert tasks. The last Woozen to click/tap on a WNS Star Coin will get access to a superstar task in their Quest Journal. If you complete the task, you will earn Star Power (more Star Power means more points with each Mic Coin collected), as well points for your team. The genre that completes the most concert tasks by the end of WNS will get a special achievement and title, Wooz and exclusive trophy.

Are YOU ready?! See you Monday, July 23 for the start of WNS!

Your Superstar Woozband