Woozworld Update - Wired Furniture (EARLY ACCESS)

Creative Woozens,

Introducing the newest feature making its way to Woozworld......Wired Furniture! Wired furniture items are new interactive types of furniture that you can connect together! Now, you can create dynamic sections in your Unitz.

You can use Wired Furniture to create a very simple circuit, like a door/gateway system:

Or, you can build more complex circuits, like interactive mazes and games:

Types of Wired Furniture

We've created many different types of Wired Furniture. Each piece of Wired Furniture has a different action/tool that you can use to build simple or complex circuits. Here's a brief summary of the types of Wired Furniture you'll be able to use with the first version:

  • Switches can be used to turn a continuous signal ON or OFF. They can be toggled by another Woozen or by an input.
  • Blockades are furniture that, by default, block you from getting through. If wired with a continuous signal, they can be walked on.
  • Floor Switches can be used to turn a continuous signal ON or OFF when a Woozen or a BestiZ stands on them.
  • Buttons have only one output that will send a signal ONCE when pressed by a Woozen.
  • Inverters allow you to invert the signal that is passing through.
  • Sequencers allow multiple outputs, but only one output is activated at a time.
  • Counters are furniture items that require a certain amount of continuous signals, to output one.
  • Splitters/Hubs are wired furniture items that transmit multiple signals in different ways, allowing complex circuitry.

These new Wired Furniture items are also compatible with some you may already recognize. You'll be able to use Scoreboards, Timers, Dice and Spinners in your wired circuits!

Start by visiting the Wired Furniture section in the Navigator for a quick link to Purchase or Craft your first Wired Furniture item:

You can craft some basic Wired Furniture with Electric Ore, that was discovered deep in the mine. Everything else you need is available directly in ShopZ.

Electric Ore can also be sold in the Marketplace. If you're lucky, you may find a Woozen willing to sell this rare resource.

Wired Furniture MasterClass

While we understand that the Wired Furniture concept seems a little overwhelming, over the next few weeks we will be launching some MasterClass blog posts. The lessons will teach you how to use the different types of Wired Furniture and give you some awesome ideas on what to build!

Keep your eyes peeled for the first MasterClass blog!

New Interactive Furniture

With this update, we've also released some new interactive furniture to further help you create some new games and activities...and elevate some of your existing games!

New FrameZ that allow text to be separate from the picture...Or, you could choose not to include a picture at all! These new FrameZ are perfect for leaving notes and instructions for visitors:

New ScoreBoards that can be fully colored and can reach higher scores for your games:

"What does Early Access mean?"

Early Access is the very first version you'll be able to try out for yourself! Wired furniture may evolve, change and improve over time but more specifically:

  • User interface and explanations will be improved in future updates
  • We have more ideas for new types of Wire Furniture and tools/actions to introduce over time
  • There may be some bugs with the Wired Furniture that we missed...We aren't perfect!
  • As we change things in future updates, it's possible that some tools/actions may change and that you would need to rewire some of the furniture in your circuits
  • Don't worry, you won't lose anything as we continue to update!

If you have any feedback and suggestions about the new Wired furniture, please go drop it in the Suggestion Box.

Now, start experimenting with Wired Furniture and see what you can create!

Woozworld Staff

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