Woozworld Update - New Reshapable Unitz

Unitz-Loving Woozens,

Today, we are launching a new type of Unitz that we're suuuuuure you're going to fall for. Introducing.... Reshapable Unitz! Reshapable Unitz are a special type of Unitz that allow YOU to customize the floorplan! These new Unitz allow you to create the perfect hangout spot, game, maze... The possibilities are endless!

To get started on your reshapable journey, head to ShopZ and choose which Unitz you want to build on. You'll be able to see the maximum amount of tiles for each Reshapable Unitz (you cannot add extra tiles to a Reshapable Unitz).

Once you are in your Reshapable Unitz, you'll see a new Ground Tool in Edit Mode. This tool will allow you to redraw the floorplan of your Unitz as much as you want:

From tiles to grass to hardwood, the Reshapable Unitz has got tons of different sizes and styles!

With this new tool, you can create the Unitz of your dreams!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your way over to ShopZ now and start designing the ultimate unique Unitz!


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