Woozworld's Restaurant Makeover

Design-loving Woozens,

Are you looking for a hot new hangout in Woozworld? It's time for a new view, dontcha think?

We know you LOVE designing Unitz for yourselves, but now...We are turning to you to design some fresh and fun new Unitz for EVERYONE in Woozworld!

Some of your go-to Woozworld spots are in need of a serious makeover...and we're turning to YOU to design the perfect spot!

That's right...We're looking for some brand new restaurants, cafes, and hangouts in some of Woozworld's most popular NationZ! The NationZ we are looking to liven up are:

- Cortoza

- Lib Street

- Mystic Alley

Of course, we want to keep everything *on theme* around here, SO...We will provide you with some color codes for each NationZ, and then it's up to YOU to design a Unitz that is out of this world!

We will be picking 1 winner for each NationZ...with some runner ups! If you are the winner, your Unitz will be added to the NationZ! You can create a Unitz for each NationZ, but you are only allowed to be crowned the winner of ONE NationZ.

To help you with your designs, we've added a BUNCH of restaurant furniture to ShopZ. Pizzaria, Sooshi, BubZ-T and Yetibux are at your disposal.

Our first NationZ will be Cortoza. You will have from Tuesday, February 22 until Monday, February 28 to design a restaurant or cafe for our spookiest NationZ. Your Unitz must match the rest of Cortoza with the color codes provided:

#4A3827 (Tree brown)

#334410 (Tree Green)

#2c373f (Building accents)

#787270 (Stone)

#32241f (Cobblestone)

#4f4648 (Brick)

#373046 (Purple of the background in Cortoza)

Next up, we're taking a stroll down Lib Street NationZ! You will have from Tuesday, March 1 until Monday, March 7 to design your very own *chef's kiss* restaurant! Your Unitz must match the rest of Lib Street with the color codes provided:

#614e42, #71635e, #5e4a36, #5c6269, #534f50, #564233 (Park square tiles)

# fec1a4 (Background)

#796051 (Tree trunk)

#288a3f (Tree leaves)

#924f41 (Brick floor)

#c1b4a8 (Street Sidewalk)

#a3aead (Theatre Sidewalk)

Finally, we're headed to the fantasyland Mystic Alley NationZ! You will have from Tuesday, March 8 until Monday, March 14 to design an awesome outdoor restaurant or cafe! Your Unitz must match the rest of Mystic Alley with the color codes provided:

#50996D (Tree Green)

#7B633F (Tree/Logs Brown)

#3EABA0 (Tall Grass Teal)

#4CC3B1 (Tall Grass Teal)

#3EAB6A (Tree Green)

#0c9783 (Grass Teal)

#d3b989 (Brick/Stone Beige)

Each winner will receive:

- 15,000 Wooz

- 50 color tokens

- Achievement & Title

- Thier Unitz added to the NationZ category

Runner ups will receive

- 75,000 Beex

- 3,000 Wooz

- 20 color tokens

Of course, with every contest, there are some rules to abide by. Be sure to read the rules carefully before submitting your Unitz!


-Your submission must respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct

-Your Unitz cannot contain any mannequins

-Your submission must be in by 9AM on the last day of each contest

-You must use items from the Pizzaria, Sooshi, BubZ-T or Yetibux category in ShopZ