Woozworld's Next Superstar 2021

Superstar Woozens,

As you already know, August is all about Woozworld's Next Superstar!

This year, we've got FOUR judges that are professionals in all things fame and fashion! Throughout the month, you'll have the chance to impress each judge with a different contest...some contests you'll be on your own, and some you'll be working in teams! You'll need to impress each judge that will be in charge of the different contests.

Sooooo, let's meet our judges and find out what categories they'll be in charge of!

First things first, it wouldn't be a WNS season without a good ol' fashioned Singing Contest! Time to belt it out to your fave jam...with a little Wooz-y twist! The singing contest will be judged by the Superstar diva herself, Carmen. Carmen loves a good ballad with the Superstar fashion to match! Team up with a couple of pals and sing your heart out! Carmen will be choosing her top 10 tunes to move on to the finale! They'll also receive a brand new title, an exclusive trophy AND some Wooz!

The Singing Contest will be from Friday, August 6 - Friday, August 20

Next up, we've got Dev who will be judging this year's WNS Unitz Design Contest! Dev is super chill and likes to spend his time, well...chillin'! What better place to chill than with all the stars BACKSTAGE! That's right, Dev is looking for the hottest greenroom for all of the celebs to hang out in before they hit the stage! 10 lucky finalists will be chosen to showcase their greenrooms AND win a title with some sweet Wooz! Oh, and make sure to leave enough space for your exclusive trophy! ;)

The Unitz Design Contest will be from Tuesday, August 10 - Monday, August 23

Do you like to shimmy and shake whatcha got? If you do, you'll looooove this next contest! It's time to team up and take part in the Viral Dance Video Challenge! Working in teams of 4, move and groove to the beat and create a dance video that is SURE to be the talk of the internet! WHO better to judge this contest than the spontaneous, zany dancer herself...Make some noise for Sienna! Sienna will be judging all of your pop, lock, and droppin' moves! If your moves got what it takes to go viral, your team will be part of Sienna's top 10 finalists! Not only will you be in the running to become Woozworld's Next Superstar, you'll also receive your very own title, exclusive trophy, and, of course, some Wooz!

The Viral Video Contest will be from Monday, August 16 - Friday, August 27

Finally, we want you to meet Florian! Florian loves a nice POP of color, and will never say no to a wild pattern! So, naturally, Florian is judging YOUR Superstar style in the Superstar Selfie Contest! With plentyyyy of new Superstar GrabZ throughout the month, suuuurely you can throw together a wild style that will have you rockin' center stage! So, strut your Superstar stuff and prepare to WOW Florian! He'll be choosing 10 style stars to rock and roll into the WNS running! All 10 style stars will also receive some Wooz, a title, and, of course, an exclusive trophy!

The WNS Selfie Contest will be from Thursday, August 19 - Thursday, August 26

Didn't win any of the top spots?! Don't let that get you down! Some of our judges will also be choosing some runner-ups...because they can't say no to so much talent! Not only that, all four judges will ALSO be handing out participation awards! That's right, you could win 1000 Wooz JUST for participating!

Once all of the winners have been announced on Friday, August 27, the voting will start! Over the weekend, YOU will be choosing your fave top 3 from each category, and they will be crowned this year's Woozworld's Next Superstar! Not only that, but they'll ALSO receive a Wooz prize, a title, and ANOTHER exclusive trophy for all of their hard work!

So now, it's time to roll out the red carpet and get into the Superstar spirit! Good luck, Woozens!