Woozworld's Newest Update: A Roadmap...

Prank-Loving Woozens,

Surely by now, you've figured out that the latest update that mentioned sitting was, indeed, an April Fool's prank...

We at Woozworld understand that our humour doesn't always come across in the way we envisioned it. We apologize if we gave any of you a sense of false hope. Just know that the joke came from a place of love...and laughter...and we are truly kicking ourselves for letting it go on as long as it did. This time, we went too far.

You must understand, we are an office that enjoys pranking one another...From hiding our coworker's shoes in the closet...to putting sticky notes all over someone's desk, we just can't get enough! We love all sorts of pranks! And our favorite kind of prank? The Fakeout.

Not familiar with The Fakeout? Why, it's the best prank of them all...

The Fakeout is a strategic prank that takes time, practice, and patience. In order to carry out a successful Fakeout, you must follow these important steps:

- The first step to The Fakeout is to have your prankees believe that something wonderful, unimaginable, amazing, and unbelievable is happening. In the prank world, we call this "Planting the Seed".

- Next, you do not deliver on the surprise that was promised. Instead, you ignore the problem, or even blame it on a "technical difficulty", if you must.

- Once your prankees are convinced that they have been pranked, you allow them to get angry, upset, or even sassy. Pranker Discretion Advised: The sass stage will be tough, but you must be strong.

- When you finally have your prankee on the verge of mayhem...That is when you hit them with the news of a Fakeout.

- Once you deliver the news of The Fakeout, the prankee is so intertwined in their confusion and distrust, that they don't believe you when you officially announce...


BUT- There's a catch.

Yes, it's true, SOON you will be able to sit down in Woozworld. Like, for real. Really. Buuuuuuut....While we wish these things could be done with just a couple of clicks, technology is not always that simple. Yes, sitting is coming to Woozworld, but it's not quite perfected just YET. We've made a lot of changes to Woozworld this past year that now allow us to have the proper mechanics to allow you to take a real break.

For the moment, here's the scoop on the upcoming plans:

- We are going to retroactively adjust sofas & chairs so you will be able to sit on the ones that you already own. This step miiiiight take some time...We don't know if you've noticed, but there are a LOT of sofas & chairs.

- Once sitting launches, not every chair or sofa will work because of the above note. It will be an ongoing process.

- We are working hard to *hopefully* be able to present you with the ability to sit by the end of April

This has been a big request from Woozens over the past 11+ years and we are so excited to finally give your legs a little break.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on Woozworld's big break ;)

Woozworld Staff

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