Woozworld's first Bestival

Calling all BestiZ parents!

Have we got a celebration for you!

We know how much you love each and every one of your adorable BestiZ, and now we wanna give you the chance to celebrate your fam with a BestiZ Festival!

No, that doesn't sound right-

*checks notes*

Ah yes, that's it, a BESTIVAL!

We've got an awesome new line of furniture to help you design the very best Bestival for your BestiZ and their pals! From rides to slides, there's deffffffinitely something that every BestiZ will enjoy!

It's a good thing we know some suuuuper talented Woozens that love designing Unitz ;) We wanna see you design a Bestival for you and your friends' BestiZ! On Friday, September 2, join the bestivities as we visit some of our fave Bestivals! Keep your eyes glued to the Contests section of the Navigator to get alllllll the details!

There are even some awesome new goodies JUST for your BestiZ!

Make your way to ShopZ and check out ALL the Bestival Furniture today!

Happy designing!

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