Woozworld Goes Underwater!

Ello Woozens!

It's me! Your ol' pal Walter Wattlesworth!

Crickey! Have I got a delightful discovery for YOU! Y'see, I was taking a little morning dip, as I do, off the Cortoza dock and got a wee bit distracted by something peculiarly shiny off in the distance. Normally, ol' Walter doesn't like to venture off too far into the sea, you never know what sort of creature you'll find...

However, this morning was a little different. I just couldn't help myself, I had to know WHAT that shiny object was. What sort of discoverer would I be if I were to let it go without a proper inspection? Blimey, a down-right terrible one!

Before I knew it, I'd swam out as far as the eye can see! You wouldn't believe what I found! That shiny object I was chasing...It was actually a rare creature...It was a MERMAID!

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Walter, there's no way you managed to SPEAK with this Mermaid?? You haven't studied Mermandarin!", and you'd be absolutely correct, ol' chap! Luckily, I stumbled upon a Mermaid that could speak my native tongue, English! Kai was her name, and she glistened in the sunlight with her most wondrous scales! *blushes*

My new friend Kai, the Mermaid Queen, told me about some underwater wonders that she and the rest of the Merpeople would like to share with Woozworld! Of course, I had to investigate first...So, like any regular chap, I snorkle'd up and dove deep down to find the most glorious...magnificent... marvellous deep sea treasures one had ever seen! Of course, I waaaas tempted to keep all of these treasures for myself, but once I came back to the surface, I remembered, Walter is a sharin' man, I always say!

Blimey! You wouldn't believe what they've got down there! There is some, dare I say, GORGEOUS clothing, along with some beautiful furniture covered in barnacles, pearls, and all sorts of creatures. There's even some to help you...connect the dots!

But don't just take my word for it! Once we get everything up from the deep sea, you'll be able to feast your eyes on all the marvellous deep sea furniture and clothing! Just keep your eyes on the lookout for the Deep Sea Furniture category and the Mermaid GrabZ coming to ShopZ!

...And what about my new friend, the Mermaid Queen? She wants nothing in return? Well, I make no promises, but I DID tell her that if she is ever in a jiffy, I know a great group of Woozens that are excellent at solving crime and helping out a friendly face! ;)

That's all for now, Woozens!


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