Woozworld Flash Update (Sept 15 Update)

Hey Woozens,

We're excited to officially announce that a non-flash version of Woozworld will be ready for you by December 2020. You may have heard recently that we started beta testing our non-flash version of Woozworld (also named Woozworld 10) with a select number of Woozens. This is a project we've been working on for quite some time and we want to make sure it's ready for you come December.

Last year, you may remember that we launched a beta version of Woozworld Desktop which was our original answer to a non-flash version of Woozworld. As months progressed, we were able to find a better solution (Woozworld 10) and will be discontinuing Woozworld Desktop to focus on the Woozworld 10 beta.

Woozworld 10 is a huge undertaking especially with all the amazing features we've introduced over the years. The dev team have been reviewing these and prioritizing based on what's available on both web and app. That being said, we have compiled a small list of what won't be available in Woozworld 10 at launch.

- Wuzzles (currently not on app) : any Wuzzle boards or pieces you currently have will still exist but will be hidden until further notice.

- BookZ : the BookZ will be removed from the inventory

- SpellZ (currently not on app) : all SpellZ you have will still exist but will be hidden

- WooPetZ (currently not on app) : all WooPetZ you have will still exist but will be hidden. Starting today you will no longer be able to get them from ShopZ until further notice.

- PlantZ (currently not on app) : PlantZ will be deactivated (until further notice) and you will be able to keep the furniture

- Farming (currently not on app) : Farming items will still exist on your account but will be hidden. The Bio Soil will be deactivated (until further notice)

- Cooking (currently not on app) : Cooking items will still exist on your account but will be hidden. The furnitures will be deactivated (until further notice)

- MovZ-It (currently not on app) : The MovZ-It machine will be deactivated (until further notice)

- Decorative Xmas Tree (2013) (currently not on app) : The Woozmas Tree that you could decorate will not function as expected until further notice.

- Mystery Gifts : will be removed when the non-flash version comes out so if you currently have Mystery Gifts, we recommend you open them all before December.

We want to reassure you that nothing will be deleted or removed from your accounts. The features are being disabled as we had to make some decisions on what to prioritize for Woozworld 10 based on what exists on both web and app. Our goal after the launch of Woozworld 10 is to bring back features you love and enjoy to both web and App.

As we move forward with prioritizing the missing features above, we want to hear from you. Which of the above features do you want to see make a return first? Click here to answer!

P.S. - Are you interested in beta testing Woozworld 10? Right now we are in the very early stages of the beta and have it closed to some specific experienced Woozens. As we continue with the beta and implement more, we will allow more Woozens to help test. In the mean time, please be patient. We will update you in future on when the beta will open to more. :)

We're excited for you to experience a faster Woozworld, coming soon!

The Woozworld Team

Sept 15, 2020 Update: We're seeing some posts and comments about some being worried you will lose items or currency with Woozworld 10. Nothing will be lost or removed from your account. The items listed above will just be hidden from you so when we work on the above features and relaunch them, you will get access to what you had before. We want to be very clear that nothing will be removed :)

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