Woozworld 14.9 Update

Hey, Woozens!

Welcome to Woozworld update 14.9!

Custom Entry Gateways for your Unitz

You can now customize your entry gateway to have different looks, and some can even be recolored!

Also, every Custom Entry Gateway can be Wired and include 2 outputs:

One sends a signal every time someone enters your Unitz, the other when someone leaves your Unitz.

You can use this to set things to happen automatically when someone enters:

You can only have one Entry Gateway at a time in a Unitz, if you add a second one it will replace the first. When you remove it, it will revert to the default gateway look (that cannot be wired).

Head to the Shopz to see the different models available.

Easier shortcuts to interact with other Woozens in the Unitz

By using the Unitz Search window:

you can now interact much more easily with other Woozens in the Unitz by using this list:

Improvements to Closet

When you open your Closet it now automatically scrolls down to the piece of clothing you're currently wearing, instead of staying at the top of the list

As you try different clothes, your Closet will remember a list of the last one you tried and you can easily go back & forth between the different pieces, to see which combination fits the best by using the arrows at the top:

  • It works by keeping a separate list for each type of clothing you try (ex: when you go back & forth in the Hair tab, it will only cycle through the hair you tried)
  • The list is reset when you close your Closet

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved preview of crafting recipes (garments + avatar actions), you can now see the actual Posez and garments on your avatar, before crafting it:
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't color properly new Bestiz

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