Woozworld 14.8 Update

Hey, Woozens!

Welcome to Woozworld update 14.8! Once again, this update brings many improvements to the game! Please read them all below:

"Online" indicator for Private and Group chats

Like all good messaging app, you can now know directly from your conversations list if the other person is currently online or not:

In the case of a Group chat, the indicator will appear if at least one other person in the group is online.

Remember: If you don't want others to know automatically when you're online, you can turn off "Show current location" in your game settings.

More shortcuts for owners & co-hosts to manage events & games

From the Unitz Search window, owners & co-hosts can now Teleport users to gateway, or kick them out of the Unitz, with a simple click:

We also fixed an issue where co-hosts couldn't properly mute other users in the Unitz.

Ability to turn off Votes & other actions visibility

To help in some Events / Games, the previous "Allow Spellz" Unitz setting has been modified to include more stuff that won't show in the Unitz:

When deactivated people can still use Votes, but they won't appear over avatars' heads. No more cheating during hide and seek games!

BETA Blueprints improvements

Thanks for your feedback about the new Blueprints system (if you still don't know what Blueprints are, or how to use them, go read this previous blog post!)

With this new update, you now have the ability to SHARE your Blueprints with your friends! It's super easy to send a Blueprint you created to any of your friend, just follow these steps:

#1 Click on the blue arrow on the right of the Blueprint you want to share, then click the "Share" button at the bottom of the detailed side-panel:

#2 Choose the friend you want to send it to, and click "Send":

#3 Your friend will receive the Share Request (in the same window as the Trade Requests), and can accept or refuse it. After accepting it he'll see a preview of the Blueprint and can decide to save it to their local blueprints:

Remember to let them know they'll need to activate the BETA Blueprint setting to be able to use them.

Important note about sharing Blueprints: Once you share a Blueprint of your creation with a friend, nothing prevents them from re-sharing it to other people. Make sure you're okay with your designs and circuits becoming not a secret anymore, if you share them as blueprints.

Other Blueprints improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Wires wouldn't all plug themselves properly after applying a blueprint (please let us know if still happens to you)
  • When applying a big or complex blueprint, now better shows you the progress while you wait
  • Fixed some issues related to items in your cart, if you switch between purchasing them or using those you already own (known issues: bugs can still happen, but should be better).

Wired improvements and prototype features

We included a few interesting Wired improvements in this update:

All sittable Chairs can now be Wired!

Every chair you can sit in now have 4 outputs and 1 input, to help you create even more interactive stuff in your Unitz and Events:


User Enter: sends a signal every time someone sits in the chair

User Exit: sends a signal every time someone leaves the chair

Occupied: sends a continuous signal as long as at least one person is sitting in the chair

Full: sends a continuous signal as long as all seats of the chair are filled with someone


Eject: When a signal is received, automatically eject from the chair anyone sitting on it

But wait, there's more... introducing new Pawn Chairs! It's like if a Pawn and a Chair had a child together :) It moves and can be controlled like a Pawn, but users can sit on it while it moves around:

Other improvements and fixes

  • Unitz settings: You can now Search through your music list to find the tune you're looking for, instead of scrolling for hours
  • Changed the order of buttons in ShopPodz and Inventory side-panels, to be in the same order as everywhere else in the app (Cancel on the left, Confirm on the right)
  • Tentative fix for a rare crash that could happen after receiving a Trade request
  • Other various UI improvements and fixes

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