Woozworld 14.7 Update

Hey, Woozens!

Welcome to Woozworld update 14.7! Many improvements included in this update:

New Blueprint Tool

Trade Requests improvements

Favorite PoseZ & MoveZ

Chat History improvements

Make sure to read everything below!

Blueprint BETA Tool

Introducing a great new tool for Unitz Designers and Wired Builders:

The Blueprint Tool allows you to clone or save a copy of a group of furniture, to re-use easily in any of your Unitz.

How to use the Blueprint Tool

First, make sure the BETA setting is activated:

Then in your Unitz choose the Selection Tool:

Select the multiple furniture you want to create a Blueprint with:

Choose one of the option: Create a new Blueprint (left) or Clone your selection (right)

If you Create a new Blueprint, give it a name and save it:

After your first Blueprint is created, you can use it by going to the new Blueprint Tool that will now appear in your Unitz Toolbar:

You will see all Blueprints you created:

Tap on a Blueprint name [1] to add it directly to your Unitz.

Tap on a the arrow on the right [2] to first see a preview of your Blueprint, and rename or delete it.

Use the Wired filter at the top [3] to show only Blueprints that includes wires

Use the Search filter at the top [4] to search through your blueprints (note: it also search through the furniture names used in each Blueprint)

Place the Blueprint in the desired position by dragging it around, or use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or use these buttons on the side [1]:

Confirm the position by tapping the checkmark in the corner [2], or add second copy of the Blueprint by tapping the button above [3].

If you already own in your Inventory all the items you need to build the Blueprint, it will be created directly. If not, you'll be prompted to either purchase a copy of the missing items (if they're currently available for purchase in Shopz), or exclude them and build the Blueprint without those:

What about my furniture colors?

When you save a Blueprint, it saves all the furniture colors.

When you use and build from a Blueprint, it will use the items in your Inventory, in the following order:

  • Furniture of the exact same color
  • Furniture colorable (but won't currently color it for you)
  • Furniture already colored but in a different color
  • If you don't own the items and purchase them, the correct color will be automatically applied

Ideas how to use Blueprints

You'll find many different uses to Blueprints:

  • Move your room design between Unitz
  • Create backups of your room designs, to easily switch between them
  • Recreate complex Wired circuits easily including the wires, for your games
  • What else will you use them for?

Important Notes about Blueprints

  • Your saved Blueprints are stored on your local device, not on your account
  • Remember this is a BETA tool, some bugs can be expected

Trade Requests

Trade Requests sent to you are now much less annoying and intrusive! You now receive them as a notification, and are not forced to accept or refuse them right away:

Tapping on the notification will bring your Trade Requests queue, where you can see all requests received (and those you sent that are waiting for an answer!)

For everyone who turned off your Trade settings to refuse all Trade Requests automatically, you can now turn it back on!

Please note that you can still have only one active Trade at once. Once you start a trade, you must complete or cancel it before starting a new one. And remember that Trade Requests still expires after a few minutes.

Also, to make your Trade negotiations easier, every trade session now automatically create a private chat with the other Woozen:

Favorite Posez and Movez

You can now set your most used Posez and Movez as "Favorites", to make them appear at the top of your list for an easy access and to save a lot of time:

Chat History Improvements

  • You can now Search to find messages in your recent chat history, either by searching for a username or a keyword

  • You can now clearly see which messages are from owner and co-hosts. Make sure to respect them and follow their rules! ;)

  • Your own username now shows in a different color to make it easier to differentiate your messages

  • Remember that you can customize the colors, sizes and transparency of your Chat History and Private Chat windows:


Other improvements and fixes:

  • Added better reminder of sales tax in Shop Pods (in Seller mode)
  • Advanced mode for Wired builders: you can customize the color of the general Wiring UI to fit your tastes:
  • You can access this window by opening any Wired furniture and tapping this button in the bottom-right corner:

  • Other various bug fixes and improvements

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