Woozworld 14.6 Update

Hey, Woozens!

Welcome to Woozworld update 14.6! Many improvements included in this update, make sure to read everything below!

Quick Chat and UI Changes out of BETA

Quick Chat and all the UI changes of the last months are now advanced enough to leave beta and be available to everyone! Please continue to send us your feedback, the changes are not final and we'll continue to make improvements.

Add Posez & Movez to your Quick Chat messages

You can now attach a different pose or move to any of your Quick Chat messages:

which allows you to create cool choreographies like this:

Ability to MUTE people in your Unitz

Unitz owners and their co-hosts can now control who's allowed to use chat in their Unitz, for their games and events. You can easily mute everyone or users individually, with a single click:

Please note that the mute list for your Unitz is not persistent and will automatically reset after your Unitz is empty for a while.

Improvements for Sellers and Traders

We included a bunch of improvements to make selling and trading a bit easier:

Selling from Marketplace

This is one of your most popular requests. Now you can remove all of your items currently in the Marketplace at once with this new button:

Selling from Shop Pods

A new "ADD ITEM" button in your Shop Pods now lists the contents of your inventory as a side panel of your Shop Pods, making it easier and faster to add items:

  • This side-panel lists only the items that can be sold, instead of all the items in your inventory
  • You can add them to your Shop Pod with a single click, no need to drag them from the Inventory anymore
  • It also automatically lists only the items that can be added to each Shop Pod. For example, it will only list Shoes when using the shoe rack

If you prefer you can still use the old way of adding from the classic Inventory, use this shortcut to open it:

Note to web users: we strongly suggest changing the layout of your Shop Pods to use the side-panels, they're much easier to manage this way. Try it!


  • Added the same side-panel as for the Shop Pods: you can now add items more easily to the trade from this side-panel that lists only the items that are actually tradeable, instead of your whole inventory

More improvements to Trade to come in later updates, stay tuned!


Other improvements and fixes:

  • You can now recolor items directly from your Inventory for 1 Recolor Token
  • Fixed an issue where you could see yourself appear stuck in a chair (but other people would see you walking around normally)
  • Various UI improvements and fixes

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