Woozworld 14.3 Update

Hey, Woozens!

Update 14.3 is here, here's what it includes:

Fullscreen UI Beta improvements

Thanks to everyone who sent very good and valuable feedback about the new optimized interface for mobile!

One of the most frequent request we've received is to have the ability to choose or toggle each window between each mode, depending on what you're doing. For example, a Fashion Show with your friend works much better with a smaller Closet so you can follow what's going on as you dress, while you might prefer the full screen version while you're dressing all by yourself and working on your wardrobe. Stay tuned, this is something we will look into for a future update so that can everyone on both our web and mobile platforms can get the best of their experience!

But for the moment, here's a first list of improvements and fixes to the User Interface based on the feedback we've received from you:

  • NEW: Crafting Tables now opens as side-panels
  • Closet: Fixed the size of thumbnail images
  • Closet: The list of items now always fit the window
  • Navigation: The list of Unitz now always fit the window
  • Inventory: Fixed an issue where the color pickers didn't fully appear in the side-panel
  • Inventory: Fixed an issue where multiple copies of the Inventory could be opened at the same time
  • Inventory: Fixed an issue with faces traits not fully rendering properly
  • Marketplace: Added your wallet at the top so you can see how many Beex you have to spend
  • Marketplace: Enlarged items names
  • Shopz: Fixed the size of some items which appeared too zoomed-in
  • Inbox: Fixed the size of the picture of the sender
  • Friends: Enlarged some elements to be easier to tap

Remember that you can continue to send your feedback about the new BETA User Interface in by filling this survey here, help us make it better!


A new setting to help you collect resources and collectibles and interact with the world!

If you turn this new setting OFF, your clicks will pass through other avatars and you can walk behind them, without accidently opening their profile.

In a next update it will also include a new trigger to open a Woozen's profile directly.


New Advanced Wired Capabilities for Games

We want to congratulate and thank all the Woozens who are using the Wired system to create amazing games, and creating tutorials helping other Woozens to learn and use the Wired furniture!

With this update, we're releasing a bunch of small-but-advanced features that will help Woozens create even more complex and advanced games! More updates to come later in 2024.

Improved Pawns

We're releasing a new variety of Flat Pawns! They work exactly the same as standard Pawns, except that they won't collide with other users. And they're offered in different varieties that can be colored to fit your game.

Also, every Pawn now has a new Location output that automatically output its current position. It will be very useful for your boardgames, when combined with the other changes you'll see below:

Vector Encoder

Works exactly the same way as a standard Encoder, to store a value and attach it to a signal, but is specialized in handling a "Vector" (X/Y destination with 2 values). You can use it in many useful ways:

Can replace the need for Teleport when you need to set/define a destination. You can either fill the destination manually by entering the X/Y coordinates, or simply by using the "Set Destination" button, like you would for a standard Teleport:

The Vector Encoder sends and receive the full destination, as well as the separate X and Y values, both as Inputs and Outputs. It means you can also use it to either to combine two numbers into a vector (by wiring them in the Vector data input), or split a Vector into two numbers (by wiring the Vector X/Y outputs into something else):

Vector Comparator

Used to compare if two vectors are the same. Extremely easy to use, simply wire two sockets with vector data (for example PawnPods Location output) in a Vector Comparator, and it will output a signal when both Pawns are in the exact same position

Vector Calculator

Used to do the Sum or Subtraction of multiple vectors you wire in it

New Keyboard shortcut to wire multiple outputs quicker

Save some time when plugging multiple wires out of a furniture (for example a Hub or Switch), by keeping down the CTRL key on your keyboard to wire them in a row:

(available on web version only)

Non-consecutive option on Dice, Spinners and Random Number Generators

Every Dice, Spinner and Random Number Generator now includes a new option you can turn on to prevent it from landing on the same result twice in a row:

New Random "List" Mode

Random Number Generator now includes an advanced mode where you can specify the exact list of values you want it to pick it from:

In the example above, it would only output randomly a multiple of "5", that's not above "50".

You can even control the probabilities of getting each value, by entering multiple times in the list. For example, if you enter in the list these values:


this will be the probabilities for each possible value:

  • 1 (12.5%)
  • 2 (12.5%)
  • 3 (12.5%)
  • 4 (12.5)
  • 5 (50%)


  • Fixed an issue where a password lock on a Linkz could be bypassed by powering it with wires while someone was standing on it

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