Woozworld 14.2 Update

Hey, Woozens!

We've been working for a while on a major update, which we're happy to now let you start testing in Woozworld Update 14.2:

User Interface Optimized for mobile app! (and other small-screen devices)

To turn it on, you first need to open the Settings, access the new BETA Features section, and turn on Interface optimized for mobile app:

This new option makes the mobile app MUCH easier to use on your smartphones by displaying many of the in-game windows in fullscreen mode:

When you have one of these windows now open in fullscreen mode, other Woozens will know you're not currently seeing what's happening in the Unitz, as they will see the Busy icon over your Woozen head:

Other windows now opens as side-panels, for when you need to keep context of what's currently happening in the Unitz, including:

  • Friends list
  • Actionz panel (Posez, Movez, Emoz)
  • Feeding Bestiz and Planting/watering Seeds

Many windows still needs to be done, this project will continue to evolve over the upcoming months as we continue to to improve them. To be able to do so, we would love to get your feedback on which parts you liked and didn't like, which parts could be improved.

Please make sure to leave your feedback by filling this survey here, NOT by leaving it in the blog post comments, if you want to make sure it reaches us.

Note: while this new mode was specifically designed for mobile devices, it's also available and supported on the web version. Try it, maybe you'll like it! (don't worry, you can turn it back off if you don't like it)

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