Woozworld 12.8 Update

Hey Woozens,

We have an important update for you today! Introducing the WoozIn Notifications:

You'll now know right away when someone else:

  • Post on your WallZ
  • Comment on one of your post
  • WoozUP any of your posts or comments

This way you won't miss anything that happens there! And one of the best things about this: when you tap on the notification that pops on your screen, you'll be automatically sent directly to the post so you can easily reply back.

And don't worry if you're not currently online when those happen, when you'll get back you'll have access to the list of all notifications you missed, and can easily go back to them all:

And at any moment you'll see how many unread notifications are waiting for you on the WoozIn:

If you're too popular -- or those WoozIn Notifications become annoying, you can turn them OFF in the Woozworld Settings -> Notifications section:

BONUS: If you're using the Woozworld mobile app you can also receive these notifications + a preview of the message, directly on your phone when you're currently logged in to Woozworld:

Make sure to allow Woozworld to send you notifications if you want to receive those

If you didn't already accept to receive notifications, you can follow these steps to turn them on:


  • Go to your System Settings -> Apps -> Woozworld
  • Click on "Notifications" then turn it ON


  • Go to System Settings -> Notifications -> Siri Suggestions
  • Find Woozworld in the list and make sure to turn it ON:

If you're NOT using the Woozworld mobile app, but are using a smartphone, now is the perfect opportunity to go install it! You don't need to actively play on the mobile app to receive those notifications, you only need to install the app and login once to your account, then keep it installed, and you'll receive notifications when other Woozens interact on your WallZ.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Added ability to search through your many Titles in the Profile window

  • YouTube Shorts can now be shared on the WoozIn / WoozTube

  • Mobile: Graphics Quality settings are now set to HD by default (instead of SD) for new users. If yours didn't update, make sure to go switch to HD to experience better graphics and pictures quality on a mobile

  • Animated PoseZ Transitions will now be turned ON by default for users who didn't change the settings. If you haven't tried it yet, make sure to go activate it!
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