Woozworld 12.7 Update

Hey Woozens,

It's been a while since we published these updates, we were too busy working on new exciting things! Please read on to see what's coming in this latest update:

BETA Animated PoseZ transitions

You'll start to feel more alive with this major improvement to your avatar, as it will now be animated when using different PoseZ:

On the left is the current version, on the right the new Animated version. This option is available in BETA starting today, you can easily turn it ON in your Settings here:

Experience it first, before it gets turned on for everyone in the next update. What are the coolest or craziest combinations of PoseZ you can find using this new feature?

Using PoseZ while sitting in a chair

You can now use all your favorite PoseZ while you sit in a chair, you don't need to stand up anymore!

Improvements to the ActionZ window

Using PoseZ and controlling your Woozen will be a bit easier with these two improvements:

  • You can now easily rotate your Woozen directly from the ActionZ window by using the new buttons at the bottom
  • After using any PoseZ you can now easily return to your normal position by tapping the "Default" button

Easier access to new Unitz Backgrounds

As some of you have noticed, we've added some new Unitz backgrounds lately (...and maybe more are on their way soon?). To make it easier for everyone to see the new backgrounds, they will all now always appear at the top of list instead of the bottom:

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • When placing the new Next Gen Shop Podz in your inventory you will now still see their content in the preview image
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes fresh poop from BestiZ was not appearing as "fresh"

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