Woozworld 12.0 Update

Hey Woozens,

New year, new update! Woozworld 12.0 is now out! This update include improvements to the co-hosting feature, and a few bug fixes

Co-Hosts can now change furniture tags

Your Co-Hosts can now add and modify tags on your furniture:

This also includes modifying text on FrameZ:

Co-Hosts can now help you WIRE your Unitz

We know that Wiring your Unitz and creating games can be quite complex. You can now give permission to your co-hosts to help you Wire your Unitz for you!

It's quite simple to do, when selecting one of your current co-host you'll see this option:

or you can achieve the same by using the Co-Hosts window

There's a few important notes about the Co-Wiring mode:

  • Only one Woozen can edit your Unitz wires at once. While you give the permission to another Woozen, you won't be able to edit the wires at the same time. But you can take back control of your wires at any moment
  • Your Co-Host will be able to edit your Wires only while you're in your Unitz yourself. As soon as you leave your Unitz or disconnect from Woozworld, the permission will automatically be revoked from your co-host for security reasons
  • For the same reason, you can give co-wiring permission only to a Co-Host who's currently online and in your Unitz

A Co-Host with wiring permission can edit or remove all your wires, so make sure you fully trust anyone you give co-wiring permission to!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue when editing your Unitz where you couldn't move some furniture on top of other "floor" furniture
  • Fixed an issue where some Mannequins couldn't be opened
  • Fixed an issue where crafting resources seemed to fly off-screen when you collect them

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