Woozworld 11.7 Update

Hey Woozens,

If you're reading this, you may have noticed that we've launched the Woozworld update 11.7! We've got some awesome new features in this update and a few fixes to bring your Woozworld experience to the next level! Check out all the details below:

Unitz Co-hosting

Hosting in your Unitz just got a whole lot easier. You can now invite your fellow Woozens to become co-hosts of your Unitz! They can help you out while you're hosting a game, run your restaurant, or even moderate your hangout while you're away!

Woozens you name as co-hosts of your Unitz can do the following:

-Move furniture you've already added

-Use and access furniture you've locked to other Woozens (CORRECTION: ShopPods and Mannequins CANNOT be accessed by the Co-Host. We are sorry for the confusion!)

-Use furniture from afar without having to walk up to it

-Move other Woozens and BestiZ to another area of the Unitz

-Kick Woozens from your Unitz

However, they cannot do the following things:

-Add, remove, edit or modify furniture or wires

-Change Unitz settings

Adding co-hosts to your Unitz is very easy. There are two ways you can do it:

If the Woozen you want to add is in your Unitz, use the Add Co-Host button when you click on their avatar:

You can also add a Woozen as co-host through the Unitz Settings -> Add Co-Hosts and add anyone from there.

You can add up to 10 Woozens as co-hosts for each of your Unitz. Remember, they will remain co-hosts until you remove them. Make sure you only add friends you trust as co-hosts!

Increased the Woozen limit per Unitz

VIP users can now host up to 30 Woozens in their Unitz, that's 10 more than before!

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • When you visit a Unitz, you can see who the owner and co-hosts are in the Unitz Search window

  • Fixed an issue when setting big prices on items in your Shop Pods or Marketplace
  • Fixed an issue on the web version where some assets wouldn't appear properly (ex: glowing cube)
  • Fixed an issue with some Elephant BestiZ not having the proper eyes
  • Fixed an issue where Unitz couldn't be added to your Favorites in Shopz
  • Added a way to quickly reset the filter when you're searching for specific action in your Actionz window

Whatcha waiting for? Start adding some Co-Hosts to your popular Unitz!


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