Woozworld 11.5 Update

Hey Woozens,

If you're reading this, Woozworld update 11.5 is out for our web-using Woozens, AND is currently rolling out for mobile-using Woozens! Check out all the juicy new details:

Wall Items

We've removed restrictions on Wall Items. That's right, this means you can now place your wall items ANYWHERE in your Unitz. You want your fireplace or your door...right in the middle of the room? Go for it! You want a bizarre lookin' Unitz with no real walls? You've got it!

New Wired capabilities

Wired game creators, we have exciting news for you! Introducing:

  • The ability to control every multi-state furniture (Y'know, the furniture items that can change shapes/states)
  • The ability to set a custom destination on Blockades
  • A brand new Pawn Furniture item that can move

Check out these new features in more detail below:

Ability to control every multi-state furniture

While using the Wired Furniture feature, you can now control furniture items that have multiple shapes/states. Get cozy and turn on all the lights with a single switch! We're not sure if you know this but, there are literally h u n d r e d s of furniture items that can be connected.

Set custom destinations on Blockades

You can now decide where Woozens will be teleported when they get caught by your Blockades, rather than having them sent back to the spawn. It's super easy to set up, all you'll need is 1 Teleport + 1 Encoder for each separate "zone" you want to control:

1. The Teleport is used to determine the destination that Woozens will be sent. Place it anywhere and set a destination on it, like you normally would

2. The Encoder is used to transmit the destination alongside the normal signal. Place it anywhere, then plug the Destination output of the Teleport in the Data input of the Encoder. You'll see the Teleport Podz coordinates show up on the Encoder

3. Finally, insert the Encoder in your circuit, right before it connects to the Blockade. For example, you can plug your Switch Power Output in Encoder Power Input A, then plug the corresponding Encoding Power Output A in your Blockade

4. Et voilà! If the Blockade turns on while you're on it, you'll be teleported to the chosen destination

You can use this as a checkpoint in your games

New Pawns furniture that can move

You maaaay remember these from the Roll'N Gold mini-game. Now, you can use this furniture in YOUR own mini-games! To use this awesome new Pawn Furniture item in your Unitz, you'll need (for each Pawn): 2 Teleports (to give them an Origin + Destination), and a Button or a Switch to make them move. Here's an easy set up as an example (before you get started, you may want to click on the Help button for more details):

1. Place your Pawn + 2 Teleports in your Unitz

2. Set a destination on each Teleport, then plug one Teleport into the Origin Input of the Pawn and the other Teleport into the Destination Input of the Pawn. These will let the Pawn know where it should start and end its path

3. Plug a Button into the Move Forward Input of the Pawn

4. Click on the Button, and the Pawn will move toward its destination

There are plenty of other commands and controls with these new Pawns. Click on the Help button and find out what each Input can do!

Go wild creating awesome games for your fellow Woozens!

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Increase the graphic quality of all existing BestiZ, they'll now look sharper than before!

  • Furniture items that have four angles (like most chairs) can now be properly rotated while they are added to your Unitz
  • You can now rotate the items directly when adding them to your Unitz, using the mouse-wheel or the TAB key (web users only)
  • You can now wire Linkz in the same Unitz to each other for a faster connection
  • Fixed some display issues in the new Contests Window when browsing the winning outfits
  • Fixed an issue where the furniture category filter wouldn't properly reset in Edit Mode
  • Other smaller fixes not listed here


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