Woozworld 11.3 Update

Hey Woozens,

Woozworld update 11.3 is now available for web users, and is slowly (but surely) rolling out for mobile app. Make sure you update your app soon!

You've requested and we've listened! Check out some of the awesome new improvements:

- Added an option in your inventory to filter your items by their color status

- Unitz privacy settings are now taken into consideration when looking at other users' Unitz list: Other users won't see your Private Unitz anymore, and only your friends will see your Friends-Only Unitz.

- Added a "Do not ask me again for 15 minutes" option when confirming a purchase from Shopz. This will make shopping much easier when you want to go on a shopping spree (or you need to open 50 GrabZ!)

Other changes, improvements and bug fixes:

Removed the prompt warning you when you removed a Wired furniture from your Unitz

Fixed an issue for web users where music would get stuck in a short loop for a few seconds

Stay tuned for a little something extra headed your way this week...THIS is an update you won't wanna miss!


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