Woozworld 11.2 - Wired Update

Hey Woozens,

Woozworld update 11.2 is now available for web users, and is starting to roll out for mobile users also. Make sure to update soon!

What's included in this update:

Major update to Wired Furniture!

Introducing Numeric and data signals: you can now pass actual data in your Wired circuits, like scores and time. This brings MANY new possibilities in Games and Activities creation, allowing complex and dynamic of Time and Scoring systems!

  • Scoreboards have a new score input, used to receive a numeric score (instead of simply increasing / decreasing it)
  • Dice now transmit their actual result in the data signal. By plugging it to a Scoreboard, you can either increase/decrease the score by the result, or display the actual score:

  • Timers and Stopwatches time can now be controlled using the data signals. You can output the current time (in seconds) to another furniture, or use the new inputs to dynamically set, increase or decrease the remaining time.
  • New Wired furniture: Calculators are a bunch of furniture that allows you to perform arithmetic operations with numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.). In the example below, the sum of all three dice is displayed on the Scoreboard.

  • New Wired furniture: Comparators allow you to compare multiple numbers. In the example below, the blockade get activated when the left die is lower than the right die:

  • New Wired furniture: Encoders allow you to set or store a number and send it as a data signal. In the example below, clicking on the Button will increment the Scoreboard with the current die value.

More Wired improvements and features:

  • Added a "Reset Wire" button to your toolbar that will reset your whole circuit to its default state, as well as resetting your Scoreboards and Timers to their default values
  • New Repeater furniture: very similar to a Hub and Splitter, it repeats a signal received in any of its input, to all of its output (including the new data signals!). It however does not transmit continuous signals (like those sent from Switches)
  • You can now wire your Teleport Podz and Linkz! If they're wired, they'll appear as locked until they receive a continuous signal. You can also use its new output to count how many times it's been used.
  • Added a throttle input to Spinners, to allow it to start and stop with a single signal (by plugging it to a Floor Switch, for example)
  • Added a new setting to Sequencers to set the sequence in "yoyo" mode (to go back and forth, instead of cycle through in the same direction every time)

Bug fixes / General improvements

  • Updated loading screen visual
  • Chat bubbles now properly and dynamically follows the avatars head
  • Added a "Reset" button in the Ground Tool when editing your Reshapable Unitz, to easily revert it to its original default state
  • Fixed an issue on mobile app where music could sometimes stop playing if you were using Bluetooth
  • Fixed an issue where items didn't reappear in your inventory right away after removing them from a ShopPod
  • Other smaller improvements not listed here

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