Woozworld 11.12 Update

Hey Woozens,

Woozworld 11.12 is finally out! This update includes some much requested changes ; read below for all the details.

Guestlist mode for your Unitz

You now have better control about who can enter your Unitz. If you want to create a private party or host some events, you just need to add the Woozens to your guestlist! You now have access to a new Visitor Settings: "Guests Only".

When your Unitz is set to "Guests Only", only the Woozens on your Guestlist can come in. Make sure to add all your guests by clicking on "Guests" at the bottom of your Unitz Settings:

You can add up to 40 guests in each of your Unitz. If your Unitz has co-hosts, they will automatically be part of the Guestlist (but they don't count towards the limit of 40 guests). If some guests cause trouble during your party, you can also easily remove them from the guestlist and kick them out.

5x more colors can be saved to your favorites palettes

We increased the limit on the number of colors you can save to your favorites palettes to a maximum of 120 colors! Limit was also increased for non-VIP users to 12 different colors.

You can now have different palettes for every special occasion!

There's still one more announcement but we will save that for another day.

Woozworld Staff

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