Woozworld 11.1 Update

Hey Woozens,

If you're reading this, you'd be pleased to hear that Woozworld 11.1 is now released for web users, and is rolling out for mobile users in the next few hours! There's so much in this update, we don't even know where to start........Let's jump into and begin with a few things we're sure you're going to love:

MUSIC is back, and better than ever!

Many of you requested that we bring back Music! Boy, oh boy, do we have a sweet surprise for you:

You now have access to a full library with 20 music tracks that you can play in each of your Unitz. Yep, you read that right! You can now choose your fave track that will play in EACH of your Unitz for other Woozens to listen to. You can now create the perfect ambience for every room to share with your friends!

Some of our older Woozens will be happy to see the classic music from the old app are also making a comeback in their own section :)

Stay tuned, more music packs and tracks will be made available over time! Simply open your Unitz Settings to change the Unitz Music at any time:

Gender & Pronouns, Profile PoseZ, Home Unitz and User Votes

Thanks to you, we've made TONS of improvements to the Profile window:

Gender change

You're now free to change your gender as often as you want. Simply use the Gender option on your Profile to switch between both options:

Please note that the following will change when you change your gender:

  • The idle pose of your Woozen
  • Some of your User Titles
  • Some of your Relationship Titles
  • Some in-game rewards give clothing based on the 2 Woozen genders

Gender Inclusive Pronouns

Woozworld aims to be as inclusive as possible. You can now choose your preferred Gender Inclusive Pronouns, if you wish so, by using this option in your Profile:

If you select one, other users will see your preference when looking at your Profile:

Please respect everyone's choice!

Profile Posez

You can now look FRESH in your Profile window! Use this option to choose how you'll be seen by other Woozens when they open your Profile:

Home Unitz

You can now set a Home Unitz, which is where you'll land directly every time you log in to Woozworld. You'll probably want to set your Home where some of your BestiZ are...That way you can take care of them right away!

User Votes Count

You can finally see how many votes you & other Woozens have earned in the last week in AND their current position in the leaderboard. You can also see how many votes total they've earned... ever!

Bug fixes / General improvements

  • Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback of the Private Albumz in the previous update, we've also made it possible to set Albumz to Friends-Only!
  • Added a new "Hide My Wallet" setting for our YouTubers and streamers to automatically hide the amount of Beex and Wooz in your wallet. This way, you can stream and record your gameplay with a bit more privacy. You'll find this setting in the "Woozworld Experience" section:
  • Added a Mute button if the music or sound effects become overwhelming. You can easily turn them off & on again.
  • Added an option when Editing your Unitz. When you select multiple furniture items, you now have the option to include the Floor items
  • Fixed an issue where using your BestiZ to step on switches in the Mine didn't work
  • You can now open the profile of another BestiZ owner by tapping on its name
  • You can now know how big a Unitz is before purchasing it
  • Other smaller improvements not listed here

Be ready for two new features coming real soon!

We're finalizing the last few touches to two new features, for all content & games creators, over the next few days. You won't want to miss these ones, keep an eye out for an upcoming blog with all the details!

Woozworld Staff

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