Woozworld 11.0 Update

Hey Woozens,

We're working on tons of exciting new features, content and adventures for 2022 with the update to version 11.0! The update is out for our web users and it's rolling out for mobile app users. Check out all the new updates coming your way:

More varied Skin Colors

We've heard your requests and we're here to deliver! Introducing EVEN MORE skin colors to better represent yourself! In the latest update we've added 16 new skin colors (including 4 for VIP-only):

Improvements to Photos and Albums management

Are you snapping enough pics with your friends in Woozworld? To ensure sure you don't miss out on any memories in World, we've made a few improvements to Photos and Albums:

Save your photo with a single click

Saving each picture just got so much faster! You don't need to give a title to each photo anymore (you can still add a Photo Description if you want), and you don't need to select an album for each photo. From now on, all your photos will be saved in the "My PhotoZ" album by default. This way, you won't miss out on any of the action trying to organize your photos. Now you can snap your pics, enjoy the party, and organize everything later on!

Make your AlbumZ private or public

By default, anyone who can access your WallZ can also access your AlbumZ. Maaaaybe you don't want your AlbumZ on display for all to see... If so, now, you can set any album to Private mode:

When set to Private, nobody but you will be able to see the AlbumZ on your WallZ, or in your list of AlbumZ. You can even set your "My PhotoZ" AlbumZ to private (but you cannot delete it).

Set a Cover photo to your AlbumZ

By default, all of your AlbumZ would use the most recent photo taken in that AlbumZ as the cover. You can now customize each album by setting any photo from the AlbumZ as the cover!

Buy/Sell transformed Resources in the Marketplace

Do you need a lot of Resources for all your Crafting needs but don't have time to collect all of them yourself? Today is your lucky day! You can now find transformed Resources in the Marketplace!

Are you running low on Beex? Heat up your Forge and get your Table Saw ready...You can now help your fellow Woozens by transforming and selling them your Resources in the Marketplace. Who knows, it might even become your new part-time job!

Only the following transformed Resources can be sold in the Marketplace:

  • Wood Planks
  • Aluminum Ingots
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Iron Ingots
  • Steel Ingots
  • Copper Ingots
  • Bronze Ingots
  • Silver Ingots
  • Gold Ingots
  • Wool Yarn

Increased max stack of resources

Resource stacks are not limited to 999 anymore, you can now collect up to 2500 of each resource!

Improvements to Scoreboards controls

You now have more control of the Scoreboard in your games!

You can now manually set the value to any number you like at any time. You can also set a Maximum Value that the Scoreboard will never go over.

Game Makers and Masters of Woozworld, keep your eyes open in the upcoming months for some exciting news!

Bug fixes / General improvements

  • You can now trade more than one Consumable at once (Water, Food, Seeds, etc.)
  • You can now sell bigger stacks of Consumables in the Marketplace
  • Fixed the issue in ShopZ not showing if items were tradeable or not
  • You can tap the chats during Quests to make them appear faster. Did you go too fast and missed something in the chat? Don't worry, they are now logged in your Chat History:
  • Also includes a bunch of smaller bug fixes and improvements not listed here

Stay "tuned" for more updates soon...

We're working on more exciting stuff you'll soon want to "hear" about...

Woozworld Staff

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