Woozworld 10: 10.0 Update

Non-Flash Woozens,

Firstly, we'd like to thank eeeveryyyone for all the feedback you provided (and continue to send.) It has been super helpful and we have been able better to understand the issues you have and how we can continue to improve Woozworld.

Today marks the end of the Flash version of Woozworld. The end of an era, we know. BUT! This means we're also pushing fresh improvements and fixes to the Woozworld 10 Beta!

Before getting into the many changes below, we'd like to mention one important point:

  • Many of you reported not being able to delete shortcuts or folders you created in your Custom HUD. We will improve the way to do it in the future, but please note you can easily delete them by holding the CTRL key down on your keyboard while clicking on the shortcut or folder. Please refer to our previous Custom HUD blog post for more details.

Below you can find out exactly what's included in the Woozworld 10.0 release!


  • More "under-the-hood" optimizations to make Woozworld run more lightly and reduce heating/performance issues. This isn't final; more will be done in the upcoming months to continue to make it even better
  • The Woozworld Beta logo has beeb removed from pictures you save to your albums
  • Added the Organize option for your Unitz list
  • Opening another Woozen's profile will now show them with the correct avatar pose
  • Added a setting in the Chat Options to change the Chat Bubbles size and width, so you can adjust them to read more easily on smaller screens. You'll find these options by clicking on the gear in Chat History:
  • You can now use the Star of the Week statues to see who won
  • Added the time left on offers listed in the Marketplace
  • You can now open a Woozen's profile by clicking on their name in a Private Chat
  • Adjusted the Zoom so you can zoom even closer to your avatar. To get the best visual results, make sure to select HD for Graphic Quality, and Maximum for Clothing Render in the Woozworld Settings
  • Added an option in ShopPod/Mannequin to empty in one click, instead of having to remove each item individually
  • When looking at items listed in a Mystery GrabZ, you can now see the items name when hovering over the item

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes made it hard to move around (you would click somewhere and you wouldn't walk, you sometimes needed to click twice)
  • Fixed an issue where the Browse Outfits in Shopz button (on another Woozen) didn't always work on the first time
  • Fixed some sensitivity issue when using your laptop trackpad to zoom in / zoom out
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't use the double quotes character (") in the private chat
  • Fixed an issue in the Trade system where sometimes the quantity of items you wanted to offer could change automatically by mistake
  • Fixed an issue where the Chat History/Private Chat would always re-open, even if you previously closed it, when coming back to World after being on the WoozIn
  • Fixed an issue where VIP Emoz couldn't be triggered by using the * shortcuts anymore
  • Fixed an issue where Woozens you were already friends with would show up as "not friends" when you opened their profile
  • Fixed an issue where the item count didn't update properly when adding/removing items from your Marketplace
  • Fixed some issues in the Closet where colors could get mixed up or reset after switching between your owned items and the ShopZ section
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't click on the picture of Woozens you searched for to open their profile
  • Fixed an issue where the whole floor wouldn't stop flashing if the Unitz didn't load properly
  • Fixed an issue where Woozworld 10 Woozens would appear offline to someone using the mobile app
  • Fixed an issue where your Woozen could appear walking in place if someone else picked a JobZ you were already walking towards
  • Fixed an issue where your Woozen would reappear the normal size if you moved to a different Unitz after eating some Gourmet Food that changed your size
  • Fixed an issue where you could move / lock JobZ that spawned in your own Unitz
  • Many other smaller/under-the-hood bug fixes

This is just one of maaaany updates to come in the future to the Woozworld 10. Thank you again for your constructive feedback!

Woozworld Staff

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