Woozworld 10: New Look

The Woozworld team has been working hard over the past year to bring you a non-Flash version of Woozworld. The main goal was to make sure we had an accessible non-Flash version of Woozworld. In starting this huge project, we also wanted to have a new look to commemorate Woozworld 10. That being said... One thing you will notice right away is the new look that icons and windows will have.

First thing we will mention is that we're still working on the interface, so some things may change. Our main objective was to make it look less busy. We also wanted the icons to have a similar look.

We also worked on unified windows. In the Flash version, windows didn't always match. Some had a completely different look or were outdated, so we were extremely excited to work on something to really bring Woozworld 10 together.

One of the most outdated things that we use pretty much every day is the color picker. In Woozworld 10 you will have the freedom to play with MORE hues, as well as the saturation, to find the perfect hexcode for you.

And finally when you're editing a Unitz, we will show you the furniture name in the tooltip that pops up when you select a furniture.

This is all just a sneak peak of what's to come to Woozworld 10. Of course, this isn't everything, so stay tuned! We'll keep you posted on any updates here.

Woozworld Staff

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