Woozworld 10: Window Sizes & Scaling

Sneak peek-loving Woozens,

As you may know, the Woozworld team has been working hard over the past year to bring you a non-Flash version of Woozworld. Our main goal was to make sure we had an accessible non-Flash version of Woozworld, but we also wanted to improve upon some of our existing features. One thing we have been focusing on is improving is the scalability of windows and the interface.

In the new non-Flash version of Woozworld, we want to give you more control on how Woozworld will look on your computer. A lot of Woozens use Woozworld on laptops, some on computers with much bigger screens. Some prefer when windows and text are bigger to be easier to read, others prefer when they're smaller so they can see more at once. We wanted our new version of Woozworld to be customizable for all Woozen preferences!

A new setting (Interface HUD Scaling) will allow you to change the relative size of the interface and windows, allowing you to adapt it to any computer you use Woozworld on.

We've also done major improvements to window resizing. Most windows can now be resized to show more content and fit your screen the way you want.

This is all just a sneak peek of what's to come with Woozworld 10. Of course, this isn't everything, so stay tuned! We'll keep you posted on any updates here.

Woozworld Staff

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