Woozworld 10: Custom HUD

Patient Woozens,

As you may know, the Woozworld team has been working hard over the past year to bring you a non-Flash version of Woozworld. Our main goal was to make sure we had an accessible non-Flash version of Woozworld, but we also wanted to improve upon some of our existing features. One thing we have been focusing on is giving you more customization to the features you use most.

One thing we know is that everyone uses Woozworld differently. Some are more focused on Friends and Messaging, while others use Beex Center more.

When you first land in Woozworld 10, you'll see a cleaner, more organized version of your toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

One issue we had in the Flash version was there were waaaay too many icons. But don't worry, we didn't remove everything. You can find alllllllll the icons and features in the Main Menu on the left.

When you open the Main Menu, you can drag the icons/features that you use the most and place them where you want in the toolbar. This gives you fast access to the features you use the most.

It's not just the icons or features in the Main Menu... You can also add shortcuts!

Have a Unitz you visit frequently? Add any Unitz from the Navigator to quickly access them.

Is there an ActionZ you use a lot? Add any Emoz / Movez / Posez from the ActionZ panel and you'll be able to interact with your friends more quickly and make playing/dancing much easier. Now, that's something to dance about!

You're also able to add an Outfit from your Closet so that you can change on the fly. You can even create shortcuts to whole Navigator categories or Shopz categories for direct access to those you use the most!

You can also organize your shortcuts in Folders by dragging a shortcut on top of another, creating a group. There is no limit to how many shortcuts you can place in a Folder. You can even place a folder inside another folder!

By right-clicking on the folder icon, you can even give it a custom name.

After the shortcuts are placed, you can easily move them around, or simply delete them by holding CTRL and clicking them. It's as easy as the click of a button (... literally.)

If your shortcuts get out-of-hand or you want to start over with a clean slate, you can use this button in Settings (note: this will delete all your shortcuts and folders you created).

In the HUD, there is room for a maximum of 20 shortcuts (and if you use folders, even more): 8 on the left of chat, 8 on the right and 6 above the chat bar. Their size will adjust automatically as you add more of them. Please note that if you use Woozworld on a smaller screen or change the Interface Scaling setting (learn about that here: Woozworld 10: Window Sizes & Scaling), you might have less slots available.

Important technical note: the HUD customization is saved locally on your browser. This means it will be different from browsers and computers and you will need to adjust. But don't worry; you can safely clear your cookies and browser cache without losing your configuration.

We hope you like and make use of the new customizable HUD so you can enjoy Woozworld the way you want. We'll have more Beta news coming to you very soon, so keep checking the blogs for more information!

Woozworld Staff

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